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Ethnology and cultural anthropology
Ulchitckii O.A., Veremei O.M. - New artifacts in study ancient culture of nation Southern Urals pp. 20-29


Abstract: This article examines a rare zoomorphic statuette carved from natural stone in a realistic manner of small plastic. The subject of the research constitutes the entire image of mammal in a horizontal position. The find was near the city of Magnitogorsk, near the former Staroseverniy village. We describe the background and details of the discovery artifact: place of discovery, process of exploration and excavation of soil, structure and morphology of subject. The authors examine the structure of zoomorphic depicted involvement in forms of aquatic animals; type object, allowing considers it a cult and radiocarbon dating analysis leads to conclusion of the periodization. It is noted that this finding has no known analogues reveals similarities but there are signs with zoomorphic subject’s realistic small plastic Neolithic, found in the Urals. Particular attention is paid to the analysis of morphology. It was established the statuette is the subject of cult in the Neolithic period, and could be used for daily or ritual purposes; it is dated back to about 4-5 thousand years BC. Author's contribution consists in the natural exploration of the territory of extraction of the artifacts, description, fixation, and establishment of dating og the subject discovered during the field research.
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