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Тело и телесность
Pogontseva D.V. - pp. 14-20


Filippova S.A., Shelispanskaya E.V. - The Phenomenon of Dissatisfaction with His or Her Body in One's Teens: Psychological Reasons and Opportunities of Modification Training pp. 21-31


Abstract: The research is devoted to one's attitude to his or her physical 'self', students' body satisfaction and the role of physical 'self' in the overall picture of psychological wellbeing as well as psychological reasons of one's body dissatisfaction and modification training methods. Being the basis of sexual and partially gender identity, attitude to our physical 'self' is shown through all components of self-concept: cognition, emotional-value attitudes, and behavior, and  interwine with all spheres of human existence, thus affecting the individual and social conscience. The research methodology is based on the biopsychosocial model of neurotic diseases and the idea of the mutual influence of objective and subjective realities in the process of developing one's 'self' as well as orientation at the leading role of personal activity in choosing a strategy of coping with psychological problems. The research methods include review and analysis of literature on the topic, diagnostic experiment, verbal methods of psychological diagnostics, mathematical methods of data processing and formative experiment. The results of the research prove that body dissatisfaction is typical for the major part of modern youth. The authors have discovered differences in body images and the impact of weight on body satisfaction demonstrated by students who have psychological problems and who do not have them. Body dissatisfaction shown by the students without psychological problems is usually a consequence of social factors. They perceive their bodies as a whole and their body satisfaction increases if their weight stays within the norm. Body dissatisfaction of students with psychological problems is caused by excessive fragmentation of body image and their weight does not have a significant effect on their body satisfaction. Individual sessions and group therapy prove to be efficient in overcoming psychological problems. 
Berezina T.N., Chumakova E.A. - pp. 41-48


Berezina T.N. - Heath as the Factor of Individual Life Expectancy of Russians in the 20th Century pp. 72-87


Abstract: The purpose of this research is to conduct a psychogenetic research of factors influencing individual life expectancy of Russians in the 20th century. The object of the research is individual life expectancy and the subject of the research is the influence of such factors as health and healthy lifestyle on individual life expectancy. The author of the article examines the role of heredity and environment in the genesis of dangerous diseases (cardiovascular disseases and cancer) as well as dangerous habits (drug and alcohol addiction, smoking and compulsive eating). The author pays special attention to the role of personality traits and environmental factors in how one arranges his or her life path. The research is based on the twin method and involved 100 pairs of monozygous twins who have already completed their life path. Through surveying their relatives, the author makes indicators of health and healthy lifestyle for each pair. There is a significant reduction in individual life span of those twins whose lives were influenced by such factors as 'drug addiction' and 'total sum of dangerous habits' in relation to average indicators within the group. The factors 'alcohol addiction' and 'cardiovascular diseases and cancer' evidently decreased the life span of a twin but not in relation to average indicators within the group. The influence of variables 'smoking' and 'compulsive eating' is levelled off by the influence of other negative factors, however, with the growth of the average life expectancy in Russia elimination of these factors can actually increase the life span and life productivity. 
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