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Psychopathology of authority
Kulagina-Yartseva V.S. - Otto Rank. Will Therapy. Chapters 4-5 (translation) pp. 136-182
Abstract: In his works Otto Rank reviewed the basics of the classical psychoanalysis. Speaking of the psychoanalytical therapy, Otto Rank believed that at its final stage, the therapy process is when a patient is born again. Our unconsciousness views the therapy process as a symbolic birth and this is why a patient perceives himself as a new-born, in other words, a spiritual child of a psychoanalyst. Therefore, psychotherapy allows a patient to overcome the trauma of his birth. 
Krotovskaya N.G. - Otto Rank. Will Therapy (translation) pp. 196-216
Abstract: The true meaning of psychotherapy becomes evident only at the end of the psychotherapeutical process when a psychoanalyst turns from a helping Ego into a helping reality. Reality is not only the enemy to an individual, as it may seem to a neurotic personality at first. It is also a big help to Ego. When a usual person learns how to use the reality in the course of the therapy, a neurotic personality can learn how to use the reality only in the course of psychotherapeutical relations. Typical features of neurosisi include not only the feeling of unsatisfaction with the reaity but also a deliberate escape from natural cure. In modern psychoanalysis psychotherapy can only struggle for a new attitude towards it so that we can review our past and reach a new balance begween us and the reality. 
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