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Crowd psychology
Ribokas T.V. - Generalized Images of Football Fans Created and Used in Modern Russian Trade Press pp. 1-36


Abstract: The object of research in this article is the football fan movement. The research subject is the generalized images of football fans created and used in modern domestic printing and electronic mass media. The purpose of this work is to assess similar images of fans as subcultures, and also determination of features and components of images of the football fan in mass media. The special attention of the author is paid to a social component of the fan movement and concrete examples of its manifestation as in our country, and abroad. The research method in this article is the analysis of articles in specialized sports mass media, and also the comparative analysis of the Russian and foreign fan movement. The main conclusions of the author are reduced to that the images of football fans created in sports mass media essentially influence a social assessment of the fan movement. The problem of fan subculture and its reflection on the mass media pages has the deep social implication which is beyond the sport. The novelty of the presented work consists in more detailed and profound studying of images of football fans in mass media. The practical importance of research is that it provides a possibility to create an objective and realistic image of the football fan which in its turn will allow to define and eliminate false images and stereotypic delusions of football fans.
Naumenko E.A. - Polygraphic Study of Parameters of Subjective Perception of Norms and Humanization of Punishment by Residents of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra pp. 1-11



Abstract: The problem of determining the measure of criminal punishment has always worried the general public. It is the measure of punishment that largely determines the effectiveness of the system of legal regulation of relations in society, the normative rules of the hostel and mutual influence. In such a process, territorial, social, professional, cultural, ethnic and other characteristics of the population of our country are of decisive importance. In the minds of every person, in the process of legal socialization, their own ideas about the norms of criminal punishment are formed. The study of the psychological parameters of the subjective perception of the norms of criminal punishment, through the determination of the limits of their humanization, seems to be an interesting and important task of studying the designated problem. The object of the study is the residents of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug-Yugra, the subject is the subjective perception of the norms of criminal law and the processes of humanization of criminal punishment. Data were obtained on differences in subjective perceptions of the norms of criminal punishment and the limits of their humanization. Statistically significant differences are determined by gender, age, national-ethnic groups of respondents. The regularity of differently directed values of the limits of criminal punishment by age groups is revealed.
Romanova N.R. - Civic Burn-Out as the Factor of Absenteeism and Indifference Towards Politics Demonstrated by University Students pp. 35-50


Abstract: The subject of the present research is the civil awareness burn-out as a determinant of young people's activity level. The purpose of the research is to prove the hypothesis that civic activity of young people is mostly determined by the level of fatigue of mind structures that perform that kind of activity. In her research Romanova analyzes the phenomenon of absenteeism and indifference towards politics demonstrated by today's Russian youth. She also analyzes factors that define the mosaic structure and contradictory nature of young people's attitudes. The author offers her definitions of the terms 'civic  awareness' and 'civic burn-out'. She also examines related phenomena that are closely associated with the burn-out syndrome such as satiation and saturation. The author has used such methods as questionnaries, scaling and tests (modified Boyko's burn-out syndrome test). The author has also tested her own method designed to define the level of civic burn-out. The article presents the results of the empirical research of social and political dispositions of modern Russian students and the level of their civic burn-out. Romanova also analyzed the correlation between burn-out and indicators of civic activity defined in the course of researches that have been conducted since 201 till 2017. She describes and analyzes the relationship between the level of burn-out and such features as trust towards official and Western propaganda, readiness for hardships, service to people, desire to have a large family, tendency to emigrate, etc. The author states a sustainable syndrome of social and political disorientation and apathy of today's young people which is the main subjective determinant of absenteeism demonstrated by the majority of young people in our country. Statistical research methods also prove that indifference towards politics and absenteeism are not typical for students with the low level of civic burn-out. In conclusion, the author gives practical recommendations on how to implement the youth information policy in Russia. 
Subbotsky E. - Russia in the Bewitched Dream pp. 40-83


Abstract: In article the concept of the social and psychological mechanism "submission based on belief in supernatural" (POVS), in relation to mentality of three ethnic groups is entered and analyzed: Russia, Mexico and Great Britain. As the main object of the analysis the social and psychological change in development of the Russian society, occurred during an era of reorganization of the beginning of the 1990th years is chosen. The hypothesis according to which rather peace and painless character of this change which has caused cardinal demographic, social and economic problems, is explained by the centralized impact of power structures on the POVS mechanism of the Russian society is made. Strengthening of subconscious belief in supernatural in the mass of the Russian population which, in turn, prepared the population for peace acceptance of the social and economic reforms contradicting interests of the majority of the people (in particular, to alienation of public property and assignment of this property by power structures) was result of such influence. Pilot studies of the author are the basis for the analysis and his colleagues, carried out in Russia and abroad for the last 30 years, and published in the central Russian and foreign scientific magazines. Novelty: The POVS psychological mechanism is allocated and analyzed for the first time. Use of this mechanism to the comparative analysis of ethnic mentalities of Mexico, Russia and Great Britain is new also. Different options of impact on the POVS mechanism are for the first time analyzed, able to lead to release of the population of Russia from excessive influence of subconscious belief in supernatural and, as a result of such release, to strengthening of social creativity of people, independence in decision-making, and feelings of a personal responsibility for the events in the country.Conclusions: (1) POVS mechanism change in Russia towards reduction of its influence by mentality can be only result of set of efforts at all levels, including overcoming of broad widespread fear before magic and magic thinking; (2) the knowledge of existence of subconscious belief in supernatural, about POVS structure, about possibility of manipulation with a tendency to POVS is necessary for understanding of important psychological aspect of transformations occurring in Russia.
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