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MAIN PAGE > Journal "Psychologist" > Contents of Issue є 02/2023
Contents of Issue є 02/2023
Inner world
Kudinov S.I., Kudinov S.S., Kudinova S.S. - Features of the Manifestation of Patriotism among Students with Different Attitudes to a Special Military Operation pp. 1-13



Abstract: The article presents the results of an empirical study characterizing the dependence of the manifestation of patriotism and attitude to a special military operation among students. The relevance of the research is due to the socio-political transformations of the domestic and foreign policy of the state, which require a revision of the system of patriotic education of young people based on basic, national and historical values. Changes in the architecture of interstate relations require the restructuring of the formation of a person who is ready to defend the priorities of his country in various spheres of life, which is impossible without a true patriotic attitude to his homeland. The theoretical and methodological basis of the study was a systematic approach developed by domestic researchers B.F. Lomov, V.S. Merlin, V.D. Nebylitsin, A.I. Krupnov, etc.; a holistic and functional approach to the study of personality traits and character traits (Krupnov, 1994), studies of patriotism (Kudinov, 2017,2018; Gavrilushkin, 2012; Lutovinov, 1997; Potemkin, 2009; etc.). The questionnaire "Patriogram" was used to study patriotism (Kudinov, Potemkin, 2008). To identify the attitude of students to a special military operation, an author's questionnaire was developed. The results of the study on a sample of 109 students of Moscow universities, followed by mathematical and statistical analysis, allowed us to establish statistically significant differences between the indicators of patriotism among students with different attitudes to a special military operation. In general, it was found that there is no direct relationship between the indicators of patriotism and a positive attitude to the special operation. Low indicators of patriotism are also not directly related to a negative attitude towards their own. The empirical data obtained indicate that the students consider patriotism in a broad context and does not associate this personal property with confrontation in relation to the outside world. The results of the study prove the need to improve educational activities aimed at the formation and development of patriotism at different stages of education.
Psychology and pedagogics
Dianov S.A., Dianova Y.V. - Value and Semantic Grounds for Obtaining Education in the Postgraduate Course of the National Research University pp. 14-21



Abstract: The article deals with a range of issues related to motivation factors for admission to graduate school and behavioral reactions in the process of studying under the programs of scientific specialties in a modern national research university. Using the example of the implementation of postgraduate programs in political sciences at a technical university, the key motives of young specialists to continue their studies at the university are revealed. The features of the motivational and value sphere of graduate students mastering the training curriculum and performing the tasks of research work are determined. The reasons for expulsion from graduate school, the reasons for failure in the educational program, as well as the motives for frequent academic leave are analyzed. The article presents arguments in favor of the author's hypothesis about the need to develop postgraduate studies in the humanities and social sciences in technical universities. Political science education contributes not only to the conscious choice of the profession of an engineer or a highly qualified specialist for state and municipal service bodies. A young researcher gets the opportunity to recognize the value-semantic grounds for working in the organization of higher education. A potential high school teacher develops stable ideas about pedagogical ethics, about the psychology of communication with students of different age groups, about the inadmissibility of forms of deviant behavior when performing professional tasks.
Societal passions
Kaulin K. - The Origins of Human Amenability to Propaganda pp. 22-43



Abstract: The author examines the main psychological characteristics of a person that have made him susceptible to the influence of other people, including propaganda. The subject of the study is these features of the human psyche. There are several main blocks of these psychological features: from imitation of parents and interaction in a team, where people are affected by mechanisms of deception and self-deception in order to convince others more effectively and rate themselves higher, to interaction within the social hierarchy, it is considered which strategies are more effective, and how this influences on the mechanisms of deception and self-deception. Using mathematical modeling methods, game theory and algorithms written in the python programming language, the author analyzes the most effective mechanisms of interaction among people in the social hierarchy, which contributed to the development of culture and deception, making a person more tricky. It is noted that the growth of what is commonly called "civility" is not so much a "herd" or "weakness", as it is sometimes estimated (the most famous example of such an assessment is Friedrich Nietzsche), as a trick, due to the fact that it is a more effective method of promotion in the social hierarchy and the struggle for power.
Ётнос и этничность
Il'in E.A., Bogomaz S.L., Lukina A.K., Suvorova N.V., Nakonechnaya E.V. - Indicators of the Formation of the Civic Identity of the Student Youth in the Republic of Belarus pp. 44-54



Abstract: The article provides a comprehensive analysis of the concepts of "citizenship", "patriotism", "civic-patriotic education", taking into account the nature of the Belarusian students, defines the features of the formation of such vital values and priorities as comprehension, development of moral qualities; reliance on human rights; inner freedom of the individual; love for the Motherland; striving for peace and development; self-esteem. Modern Belarusian society is in the process of reforming many areas of public life, and the changes that are taking place bring to the fore qualitatively new tasks for the further development of an economically developed and socially oriented state. Their solution requires the formation of citizens, especially young people, who have the future of the country, an active life position, high moral and psychological qualities, among which civic responsibility to society and patriotism occupy an important place. The conducted research made it possible to determine that civil-patriotic education is of steady interest to 61.8% of the study participants, 82.5% of the target group at the Masherov State University have a stable idea of civil-patriotic education and about 62.1% of the target group identify criteria of civil culture of the individual, taking into account the social policy of the state, the civic formation of Belarusians.
Horizons of psychology
Surenskaya N.S. - Development of Strategic Competence Among Sales Managers pp. 55-63



Abstract: In recent years, researchers in the field of psychology and related sciences have highlighted a new direction in the professional activity of sales managers Ц strategic sales management. Such activity is associated with building longЦterm partnerships between organizations and requires new skills from specialists involved in customer support - strategic competence. These studies are especially relevant for organizations whose activities are aimed at sales in the field of B2B. The subject of the research in this article is the content structure of strategic competence based on the analysis of existing literature, as well as methods of its formation and development. The article presents a meaningful analysis of the competencies included in the structure of strategic competence and suggests the structure of such competence, consisting of the following components: strategic communication, including strong skills of building long-term and trusting constructive relationships; strategic management, implying developed skills of "going beyond" the area of their direct responsibility, strategic thinking, including the use of the practice of creative ways to solve problems, strategic identification, implying understanding and acceptance of his new role as a specialist building a long-term strategy of interaction with clients. The paper presents the results of the approbation of the strategic competence development program for sales managers.
To understand the human being
Lautkina S.V., Bogomaz S.L., Luk'yanova E.V., Artyukhova T.Y., Petrova T.I. - Claims on Younger Schoolchildren with Speech Disorders pp. 64-75



Abstract: The claims of primary school children with speech disorders are characterized by the presence of maladaptive forms of behavior in a situation of success or failure. Students with speech disorders demonstrate such features of behavior in a situation of failure as: blaming others and circumstances for their failures (including language), problems in communication and interpersonal interaction, taking responsibility for their actions, discrediting goals and objectives, low productivity of organized activities. The article presents the results of a study of the level of claims of primary school students with speech disorders and their peers without speech pathologies. The purpose of the article: to study the level of claims of younger schoolchildren with severe speech disorders. The study sample consisted of 40 students of grades 3 Ц 4. The level of students' claims was determined using the "Schwarzlander Motor Test" technique. For students with speech disorders, the predominance of an inadequately inflated level of claims is characteristic. Unrealistically high levels of claims were found in 75% of students with speech disorders. Moderate and high levels of pretensions prevail among students with normotypic development. Students with speech disorders have an inadequately inflated level of claims. An unrealistically high level of claims was revealed only in a group of students with speech disorders. Their claims are characterized by: firstly, low resistance to failure and low ability to withstand prolonged stress, and secondly, a great need for high claims associated with unrealistically inflated self-esteem.
Professional psychology
Benkova O.A., Gudovskii I.V., Dulinets T.G., Gusarenko V.V., Polomoshnikova A.V. - Approbation of a Workers Conflict Management Program pp. 76-91



Abstract: It is extremely important to form and develop conflict competence in labor collectives, because frequent workforce conflict situations and situations of tension between employees can affect the efficiency and productivity of people's work. The problem of conflicts in labor collectives is quite common and requires the development of certain methods of conflict resolution, however, a person can prevent a conflict himself if he has the appropriate competencies, shows his own creative powers, humor, becomes more observant, resourceful. The purpose of this work is to test the developed psychological program for conflict management in the workforce. The object of the study is conflicts in the labor collective. The subject of the study is conflict management in the workforce. † After testing the conflict management program in the experimental group, the number of respondents choosing the "confrontation" style of behavior in conflict decreased, the number of respondents using "compromise" increased slightly. The remaining scales: "evasion", "adaptation", "cooperation" remained unchanged. According to the "self-control" scale, as a result of comparing the data before and after the study, there are no significant differences in the indicators of the experimental group. In the control group, according to the results of two methods, there are no significant changes in any of the diagnosed parameters. Thus, the psychological program developed and tested by us on conflict management in the workforce partially influenced the change in the style of behavior of employees who chose a confrontational style of behavior in conflict to a compromise, and also allowed to increase the level of self-regulation in some employees.
Pirozhkova N. - Study of Reactions to Frustration and Ways to overcome Conflict Situations of Employees in HR Department and the Service Psychological Support pp. 92-107



Abstract: The subject of the research is the ways of interaction and the constructiveness of the behavior of company employees in problem situations. The purpose of the study: to study reactions to failure and ways out of conflict situations and to identify the relationship between the method of resolving conflict situations and obstacles in establishing contacts in a team. Research methodology: the methods of theoretical analysis (comparison, generalization, systematization, etc.) were used in the work; methods of psychological diagnostics; methods of statistical data processing. Results of the study: the article conducts a study on what type of reactions to failure and the way of resolving conflict situations is typical for employees of the personnel department and employees of the psychological support department working in the same company. Reactions to failure and ways out of situations that impede the activity or satisfaction of the needs of the individual are studied using the projective technique Rosenzweig Picture-Frustration Study, (PF Study), and diagnostics of "hindrances" in establishing emotional contacts are carried out using the technique of V.V. Boyko. With the help of correlation analysis, it is concluded whether there is a relationship between the method of resolving conflict situations and interference in establishing contacts in the team. The research hypothesis assumes that the majority of employees are dominated by impulsive reactions; there is no blaming others or oneself. Scope of the results: the results of the study help to draw a conclusion about the existing problems in the relationship of employees in the team and make timely management decisions within the company. Hypothesis is confirmed, and with the help of correlations, results are revealed that will help solve existing problems in the team, eliminate interference in interpersonal communication and form a favorable socio-psychological climate.
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