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This issue is currently being formed. All articles presented on this page have already been included in this issue, are considered published, and will remain unchanged in the final version of the issue along with other metadata of the articles.
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Contents of Issue № 01/2021
Clinical psychology
Khoziev V.B., Dolzhenko A.N. - “Rollback” in child development as an object of psychological study pp. 1-22


Abstract: This article examines the phenomenon of “rollback” in child development from theoretical and applied perspectives. Special attention is given to a theoretical overview on the similar topic. Through the prism of cultural-historical psychology, “rollback” is alongside other phenomena that are cognate in nature in developmental psychology and clinical psychology (regression, destruction, crisis). The analysis of clinical cases (typical and atypical development) and consulting method allow tracing the general phenomenology of “rollback” in child development, determining the origin and triggers, as well as analyzing the methods and conditions for its overcoming. The scientific novelty consists in viewing “rollback” in the context of mediation of child development. “Rollback” is an organic moment in development when due to unevolved corresponding mechanism a child is incapable to navigate in the problematic situation. Overcoming “rollback” by a child is possible in the situation of specifically patterned circumstances of correctional and development psychological work. The main conclusion consists in the statement that such understanding of the types of “rollback” in child development in theoretical aspect allows having a comprehensive and systemic outlook upon determination of child development; while in practical aspect – deliberately and predictably handling consultative or correctional case.
Question at hand
Kaptsevich O.A., Marin E.B., Osmachko N.V. - Psychological aspects of political participation and protest readiness of the youth of Primorsky Krai pp. 23-34


Abstract: Changes that take place in the Russian society generate conflicts that are often implemented in  form of a protest. Youth is the peculiar actor of protest behavior. The subject of this research is the psychological, namely emotional aspect of the attitude towards politics and its engagement into political interest and political behavior (including protest behavior) of youth of the Far East. The research involved 254 students from several universities of Primorsky Krai. Questionnaire that included a number of blocks aimed at studying emotions, interest in politics, political participation, and protest behavior was used for collecting the information. Application of the categorical method of key components, the author determined the two forms of potential protest behavior: “radical” and “moderate”. “Radical protest” reveals correlation with an entire range of negative emotions, while “moderate protest” has relatively few emotional correlates and is more typical among female respondents. “Radical” protest indicates high political activity: its supporters actively participate in politics in one or another way; “moderate” protest does not indicate such correlates. Therefore, politically active youth is more likely to have radical protest moods. The analysis of emotional attitude towards government can be considered as a marker of protest potential and its vector towards “softer” or “aggressive” forms of protest. The acquired results are valuable for government authorities, political parties, and educational institutions.
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