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Contents of Issue № 02/2018
Megalomania (Political psychology)
Konfisakhor A.G., Alekseevskaya V.V. - Conflict Resolution Strategies and Types of Locus of Control as Determinants of Being Ready for Geo-Economic Changes pp. 1-12


Abstract: The world is rapidly changing. Global factors start to play a very important role in economy and policy of individual states. The situation being what it is, Russia's economy start to adopt planned production, state corporations begin to define the national security strategy, and the government keeps the course for import substitution. The consequence of these changes will be changes in inter-state relations including interpersonal relations. This causes the rationale of the analysis of being psychologically ready for geo-economic changes. The subject of the research is the Locus of Control and conflict resolution strategies of an individual as an actor of activity. The purpose of the research is to deine preferred conflict resolution strategies and types of Locus of Control that determine being psychologically ready for geo-economic changes. Psychological readiness for geo-economic changes have been tested by the following testing methods: 1. Subjective Control Inventory offewred by E. Bazhin, E. Golynkina and L. Etkind; 2. K. Thomas' Conflict Behavior Inventory adapted by N. Grishina. Based on the hypothesis made in the course of the research, individuals with external Locus of Control who prefer cooperation or adaptation as conflict resolution strategies are most likely to be successfully adaptable to the government and economy decentralization. The results of the research also demonstrate that there were only 4 % of such people in the group of respondents. Consequently, the authors assume that the population is not quite ready for a successful life and work in new geo-economic conditions. 
Philosophy and psychology
Samokhina N. - pp. 13-29


Psychology of highest aspirations
Skleynis V.A. - pp. 30-37


Professional psychology
Korneeva Y.A., Tyulyubaeva T.O., Simonova N.N. - pp. 38-47


Kuznietsova T. - pp. 48-54


Developmental psychology
Ksenda O.G., Tatarko K.I. - Aging through the prism of social, psychological and biological changes pp. 55-65


Abstract: This article is devoted to the problem of operationalization of aging. In connection with the improvement of the conditions of life of an individual, respectively, with increasing life expectancy, it is necessary to reconsider the understanding of the process of human aging. The necessity of formulating a new and precise definition, appropriate to modern realities. Existing definitions on this phenomenon emphasize certain of its aspects (biological, social and psychological) or consider it as a sum of three components. The article presents the main characteristics of each component. Despite the fact that the biological signs of aging begin to appear in the period of middle adulthood, they become most pronounced in late adulthood. Therefore, social and psychological aging mainly associated with this period. The methodological basis was the theory of E. H. Erikson: personality in its development goes through certain stages in connection with the influence of the tasks set before her by society. We support the idea that the operationalization of aging of the individual is necessary to consider three elements (biological, social and psychological). However, we have come to the conclusion that society plays a decisive and crucial in the biological component of aging and patterns of human behavior to changes occurring in its body, and in the social sphere.
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