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This issue is currently being formed. All articles presented on this page have already been included in this issue, are considered published, and will remain unchanged in the final version of the issue along with other metadata of the articles.
Contents of Issue № 06/2016
Professional psychology
Manukyan A.R., Shkhagapsoeva M.Kh. - Violent Extremism and Individual Radicalization Factors pp. 1-8


Abstract: It is impossible to successfully fight extremism without understanding the causes and reasons of why it is originated. In its turn, in order to deliver preventive measures and qualify extremist acts it is necessary to understand the genesis and nature of violent extremism and determinants of violent extremism. The present article provides an anaylsis of individual radicalization factors. For this purpose the authors of the article consider definitions of violent extremism and radicalization, view various models of radicalization described in literature, and outline the main causes and conditions that influence the process of radicalization. By using the systems approach and the method of comparative analysis for analyzing relevant academic literature, methods of synthesis and logical generalization of obtained results, the authors clarify the definition of violent extremism, describe indicators of violent extremism and define a set of individual and contextual factors of radicalization risks. The results of the research can be used in the process of professional psychological preparation of law-enforcement officers which can contribute to a better understanding of the causes of violent extremism and, as a consequence, improvement of preventive measures. Conclusions made by the authors during their research can be taken into account when preparing programs of professional training of police officers as well as particular courses and lectures. 
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