Электронный журнал Психолог - №6 за 2015 г. - Содержание - список статей. ISSN: 2409-8701 - Издательство NotaBene
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Contents of Issue № 06/2015
Philosophy and psychology
Sukiasyan S. - Psychoarheology as a Method of Mind Research pp. 1-31


Abstract: The methodological approach laid the basis for this study allows us to find general regularities in the development, study various sciences, proposing to study the evolution of nature and society a common platform in the universe. This approach comes from the fact that, along with a real (material) world there is a world of consciousness, the world of information fields. The philosophical platform from which emanates the author recognizes the equivalence of matter and energy and spirit, as well as combinations thereof. Matter and Spirit are continual internal unity at all levels of the organization being. The methodology of the study and analysis of the mind and mental processes presented in this article is based on the principle of universal evolutionism (synergy), which is based on the principle of a united world, involving the development of the physical, biological and social worlds on a single scenario. Considering the psyche, as a phenomenon, with its own history of development and formation, as well as a person as an object of biology, with its history of development, the author considers the psychopathological manifestations as historical artifacts, adequate in the current time and space, however, acquired pathological now time. As a basis for such an approach to the psyche of the author examines the theory of dissolution Jackson. An attempt to understand the psyche as a multilayered phenomenon, reflecting the phasing of the evolutionary process.
Inner world
Umarova G.M. - Distribution of Values of Safety of University Students with Different Type of Relationship at the Time pp. 32-55


Abstract: The subject of the study was the psychological security of the person of students of high school as a key feature, which provides not only survive in the outside world, but also an opportunity to promote the realization of the main goal of life. The research center is placed to determine the characteristics values of human security, the features of which are determined by the time factor. The author realized the empirical study of the relationship of subjective values of security and type of personality time perspective. Its purpose was to identify what kinds of security priority for students with different types of relationships at the time. As a method of collecting empirical data used by testing using the questionnaire needs of different types of security T.M. Krasnyanskaya questionnaire and time perspective Zimbardo. The work presents an empirical description of the characteristics of the ratio of time perspective of the individual and subjective value for students of various types of safety. The conclusion, according to which the subjective value of the security separates the students into two groups feel the need for survival and seeking to overcome, develop as a person. The results presented in the work, can be used in the planning of professional interaction with students experiencing problems in the psychological security of the person.
Personal motivation and spirituality
Martyanova G.Y. - Motivational Сlient Activity Counseling: the Research Aspects of the Problem pp. 56-75


Abstract: The article reveals the peculiarities of motivational and regulatory activity of the client counseling. The issues of motivation in the structure of psychological assistance. The subject of study is the system-meaning customer psychological counseling, which the author justifies through the content, intensity and perspective of the entire motivational sphere. We study the motivational aspects of involvement in the consultation process with the client's perspective and from the perspective of a consultant. Main attention is paid to motivate recourse and motivation of making psychological assistance.An analysis of the theoretical concepts is carried out in the context of the author's position on the client's position in psychological counseling as a subject of their own lives and as the subject of assistance.The importance of motivation to apply for assistance, and the prospects of its adoption as the major determinants of the effectiveness of psychological counseling. Highlighted the negative motivational factors reducing the constructive approach of counseling. It is proved that the requirement of voltage appears paramount motivational activity of the client, determining its activities on receipt of advice.
Diversity of religious experiences
Subbotsky E. - I Believe Because This is Absurd: The Magic of Religion pp. 76-115


Abstract: In this paper I discuss the following issues: Why do people believe in god when there is no proof of god’s existence? Can one live without believing in anything? How does a traditional belief in god coexist with the belief in magic? The analysis brings one to the conclusion that the belief in the supernatural world appears in early man as a result of the convergence of two factors. The first was the emergence of new cognitive abilities, such as the ability to view all nature as alive and ascribe some kind of consciousness to inanimate things (animistic thinking). The second was the awareness of the inevitability of death, and frustration resulting from this awareness. Spirits of the ancestors, which populated the invisible world of dead, became the first gods. Gradually, the “mainstream” religion separated itself from everyday magic, yet it maintained the link with magic through the belief in the supernatural beings and miracles. Novelty: (1) For the first time, religion is analysed in the context of recent psychological studies of magical thinking; (2) The analysis of the alliance between mainstream religion and science against magic is also a novel element. Conclusions: (1) Historically and psychologically, religion is derivative from early magical beliefs; (2) When mainstream religion separates itself from magic, it starts to view magic as a rival in the struggle for human minds; (3) As a result, religion becomes hostile towards magic and views magic as a manifestation of dark forces; (4) Science ousted the belief in magic into the subconscious, while putting pressure on the mainstream religious belief at the same time. Nevertheless, there still exist a number of supernatural phenomena that remain unexplained by science; (5) There is a possibility that in the future contradictions between science, magic and religion will be smoothing out. As a result, certain supernatural phenomena, which at present are a subject for hot debates, will become part of the mainstream worldview and, quite possibly, will be used for controlling some spiritual and physical processes.
Professional psychology
Matiukhin I.V. - Influence of Psychometric Adaptability Diagnostics on the Self-Determination Factor pp. 116-131


Abstract: Developed self-concept should include acknowledge of personal resources through existing cognitive methods. At the moment the most developed psychological methods are psychometric methods in the form of questionnaires and tests. Results of such questionnaires and tests can be considered to be an important part of psychoeducation and self-determination of personality. Therefore, it seems appropriate to study the influence of the psychoeducation component on assessment of personality and self-determination through diagnosing a particular personal quality, describing the research results, retention of time and repeated diagnostics of the same quality. This allows to trace back the influence of the cognitive component on the diagnosed quality after diagnostics. In this research Matyukhin carries out diagnostics of adaptability. Severe disadaptation may cause pathological processes, failures in the academic or professional activity and antisocial behavior. The adaptation process is extremely dynamic. Successful adaptation depends on a number of objective and subjective conditions, functional status, social experience, attitude towards life, etc. People may have different attitudes to the same events and one stimulus may provoke different responses from different people. 
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