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On the Matter and Nature of Sensuality. The Problems of the Philosophy of Psychology
Spektor David Mikhailovich

PhD in Architecture

Docent, the department of Architecture, Moscow State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

109451 Russia, Moscow, 3-ya Kabelnaya 1

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The relationship between sensuality and consciousness is a traditional problem of philosophy. However, while classics view this issue from the point of view of human's status between a mortal creature and God, since the beginning of the last century opinions on the matter have been changing. The 'flesh' came to the fore while conciousness lost its previous position and autonomy and became part of life existence. On the other hand, this is what has brought the same issues that have been rising since Kant's critical works. As he wrote, 'in practice feelings create theory'. But these are the feelings that create a number of specific forms of sensuality (including derived emotions). Consequently, the human world confined in the sensual framework of time and space includes certain triggers of development of sensuality. At the same time, traditional view that feelings must be interpreted by the human mind (as a result of the concept that consciousness is the foundation of human existence) does not allow to view sensuality as having the main but not complementary role. Therefore, the author of the article sets a goalto define sensuality of human as a specific matter but not as part of consciousness anatomy or key to understanding the anatomy of sensuality. The author also raises a question about the need and contours of special ontology that is not applied to sensuality but rooted in sensuality and its genealogy.

Keywords: ritual forms, social things, subject of perception, emotions, passion, transcendence, transcendental, consciousness, sensuality, conversion
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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