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Developing Voluntary Meaning-Making in a Narrative Training

Elfimova Mariya Mikhailovna

PhD in Psychology

associate professor at Orenburg State Pedagogical University

460060, Russia, Orenburg Region, Orenburg, Esimov's str., 3/1, ap. 79




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The subject of the research is the development of the voluntary meaning-making process that is understood as the mastering of a reflective action that is committed by an individual to put in order the objects of the real and ideal worlds. Mastering of a reflective action is the process of learning the action using certain psychological tools. In the course of a psychological training the narrative form of reflection is interiorised. As a result, an individual makes sense of his or her life events. The content of a narrative training is a narrative inquiry as a specific psychotherapeutic technique and means of developing voluntary meaning-making that allows an individual to define and make sense of certain episodes from one's own life, to structure fragmented experience and to take up his or her own attitude to life, thus assuring voluntariness towards their own meanings. To fulfil these tasks, the author has used a set of research methods including general-theoretical (theoretical analysis, comparative analysis, generalization), general-psychological (teaching experiment), and statistical (Mann–Whitney U test, Wilcoxon signed-rank test and interval scale). The research is based on the cultural historical concept that views the process of voluntary meaning-making as a social phenomenon with a mediated structure and voluntary performance. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the author views narrative as a psychological tool for constructing the meaning-making aspect of personality. After testing the program of the narrative training in the control group according to certain parameters (biographical reflection, life modus, reflexivity, and general life sense indicator) the researcher has not discovered statistically significant differences while the experimental group indicators have demonstrated statistically significant differences, thus the program of the narrative training aimed at developing voluntary meaning-making proves to be efficient. 

Keywords: mediation, voluntary meaning-making, psychological tool, psychotechnical tool, narrative, structure of narrative inquiry, reflection, narrative training, signb-based construction, meaning
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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