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Interrelation of aptitudes, gifts and talent and their development in university educational process

Alyamkina Ekaterina

senior lecturer of the Department of Management and Marketing at Witte Moscow University

115432, Russia, Moscow, str. the 2d Kozhukhovsky proezd 12




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The object of research is such psychological categories as aptitudes, gifts and talent. The matter under study is their influence on university educational process. Particular author’s attention is paid to the possibility of assessing and measuring aptitudes as well as their realization in human activity, which includes studies. High importance is given to the problem of developing aptitudes at university both by means of in-class and out-of-class activities The method of research in this article is analysis and comparison of interpretations of the given psychological phenomena as well as own experience of working with students, namely observation and talking to them. The principal author’s conclusions are the following statements. 1) Aptitudes are a potential condition for forming individual’s knowledge and skills. 2) Aptitudes do not guarantee success as they must be realized in activity. 3) Assessing aptitudes is difficult as they do not imply a result, but an opportunity to achieve it under certain conditions. 4) Developing aptitudes is one of the objectives of higher education. The principal factors here are students’ interests, their motivation, methods and approaches to teaching and its organization.The novelty of the article consists in its applying the question of aptitudes, gifts and talent to the aspects of university education process. With its help not only aspects of teaching are revealed but difficulties as well especially in motivating students for studies.

Keywords: knowledge, teacher, discipline, institute, interest, motivation, talent, gifts, aptitudes, activity
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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