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Question at hand
Zhao W. - The measurement and dynamics of financial openness of Chinese economy pp. 1-13



Abstract: Currently there are many literatures examining the linkage between financial openness and other economic factors in emerging economies. Nevertheless, the accuracy of measurement of financial openness is the prerequisite of evaluating its effects. Different scholars usually construct different indicators that capture different facets of financial openness, hence yielding systematically different regression results. Therefore, it is necessary to construct a comprehensive indicator and measure the financial openness in an all-around way. The innovation of this paper lies in the concept of financial opening facilitation that is newly put forwarded by the author. This paper constructs a new sub indicator: financial opening facilitation. Different from previous literatures, this paper argues that although some factors are not directly related to financial opening, they can facilitate the operation of financial institutions and support the flow of international capital, so they also play an important role. The author measures the financial openness in terms of financial account openness, financial institutions openness, financial opening facilitation. This brand-new method can be conducive to the further researchers when they examine the relation between financial openness and domestic economy. Furthermore, China's experience of financial opening can give many revelations to other emerging countries.
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