Sociodynamics - rubric Enslavement and oppression
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Enslavement and oppression
Napso M.D. - Marginal man theory of Robert E. Park and the modernity pp. 58-63


Abstract: The object of this article is the study of the phenomenon of marginality, while the subject is the manifestations of marginality in the modern world. The author examines the social nature of marginality as well as adjacent notions, conditions of emergence of marginal social classes, and peculiarities of marginal states. Special attention is given to the analysis of the external factors, research of the specificity of social relations and interactions, as well as their role in formation of the marginal space. The author traces the influence of objective and subjective factors upon the establishment of marginal personality and escalation of the processes of marginalization. Scientific novelty consists in the substantiation of a thesis about the complicated nature of the notion of “marginality”. The following conclusions are made: 1) the problematics of marginality is in need of a comprehensive socio-humanitarian research due to its heuristicity; 2) the contradictory realities of the modern world require an in-depth analysis of the “marginal man” phenomenon.
Boltaevskii A.A. - "Lovely, but dead creatures": social deviations in Moscow during late XIX - early XX centuries pp. 129-141


Abstract: The subject of this research is prostitution as a form of social deviation, most common in the conditions of socio-economic crises. The public attitude towards this pathology has varied throughout different eras: from being accepted as a necessary measure, to complete condemnation. Prostitution should be separate from such notion as adultery, which is an unorganized attempt, a certain introduction to this sphere. Knowing the history of prostitution is necessary in order to combat this type of deviation in the future. In Russian society, prostitution has long been perceived as humiliation of women, which is the reason why writers, publicists, and social workers strived to fight this evil, primarily from the point of systemic regulation, existing in Russia since the 1840’s. Being the nation’s capital, Moscow has been the gravitation pull for individuals looking for easy money, and thus the place of help and rehabilitation for fallen women. The historical experience shows that same as in the imperial era, during the Soviet time the most productive were the methods of social patronage, rather than outright repression.
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