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Contents of Issue № 04/2021
Social studies and monitoring
Trinadtsatko A.A. - Performing art as an instrument of increasing social activity of the visually impaired people pp. 1-21


Abstract: The object of this research is the process of sociocultural rehabilitation of the people with disabilities as an instrument for their social adaptation and integration. The subject of this research is performing art ad form of manifestation of social activity of the visually impaired people. The goal consists in compiling social portrait of a typical participant of inclusive theater for visually impaired people and establishing correlation between the theatrical activity of such people and their social activity in other spheres of life. Leaning on the analysis of scientific sources and own empirical research, the author attempts to compile an exemplary portrait of the visually impaired person participating in the inclusive theater for such invariant of persons with heath limitations. The author also drawn parallel between the social characteristics of the visually impaired people, their participation in theatrical activity and social activity in other spheres of life. The novelty of this work consists in compiling social portrait of the typical representative of inclusive theater for visually impaired people, which indicates that men with severe visual impairment in the age group 41-15, who have higher education, are employed,  attend cultural and sports events, have skills of artistic reflection of the surrounding world and creative potential, are more involved in such activities. Their theatrical activity is not so much an instrument of sociocultural rehabilitation, but rather a means of personal fulfillment and self-actualization through public participation in stage performances and receiving public recognition. The scientific value of the acquired results lies in the fact that based on formation of social portrait of an actor with visual impairment in the inclusive theater, the author proposes the vectors for conducting multidisciplinary studies of various invariants of the discredited stigma group of persons with health limitations in the context of reflection of their social characteristics and for improving the instrumental, artistic, and efficient components of art therapy.
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