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Contents of Issue № 04/2019
National security
Grigoryev N.Y., Chvyakin V.A. - Socio-psychological mechanisms of modern terrorism pp. 1-15


Abstract: The subject of this research is the socio-psychological mechanism of modern terrorism and its potential social consequences. The author examines the socio-psychological regulation of the phenomenology of terrorism. Special attention is given to the risks of public security due to the socio-psychological atmosphere of aggressiveness and escalated social proneness to conflict. Besides the statistical structure of the fear of terrorism, there exists its dynamic structure that includes the sequentially implemented stages of terrorist activity. The dynamic structure of such activity can be presented in form of social mechanism, which contains a sequence of stages or links of the common circuit of terrorist activity. The historical, forecasting, systemic-functional, and comparative-legal approaches comprise the methodological foundation of this study, which allows to comprehensively analyze the problem at hand. The theoretical foundation includes methodological positions and conclusions pertinent to the theory of the problem of terrorism, terror as a legal and political phenomenon, and interaction between the subject of counteraction of terrorist threats, contained in the works of Russian and foreign sociologists, political scientists, legal experts; as well as the materials of scientific discussions and conferences, information websites on the topic of counter-terrorism. The scientific novelty lies in identification of the socio-psychological mechanisms of terrorism as the risks of terrorist acts in society, which determinative essence consists in the socio-psychological atmosphere of aggressiveness and escalated proneness to conflict, intolerance, inhumanity and violence, extremism and fanaticism, mutual mistrust and hatred in people’s relationships, loss of moral compass, disregard to the existing legal and social norms, and fundamental breakage of the stereotypes of consciousness and behavior.
The nationality issue
Valiullina E., Shiller V.V., Borovikova Z.V. - pp. 16-23


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