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Contents of Issue № 01/2019
Social studies and monitoring
Maykova E.Y., Simonova E. - Representations of the residents of Russian municipalities about the local self-governance as an indicator of self-governance potential of population (on the example of Tver Region) pp. 1-9


Abstract: The subject of this research is the analysis of such indicator of the level of self-governance potential of population as the citizens’ representations on the nature of local self-governance, which imply the impact of the state and other social actors upon the local self-governance, as well as the citizens’ role in implementation of administrative activity at the local level. The examination of such representations allows determining the peculiarities of administrative and self-governance processes at the local level alongside the prospects for development of the municipal practices in Russia. The article provides the data of sociological monitoring conducted in Tver Region over the period from 2009 to 2018 (2009-2011 Tver; 2012-2019 Tver Region). The object of research are the residents of the cities, urban-type settlements and rural localities of Tver Region aged 18 and above. The method of formalized interview was applied in the course of the study. The author explores the representations of regional population about the optimal models of organization of administrative system by the modern Russian society, essential characteristics of the local self-governance, potential sources of influence upon the activity of the municipal authorities, as well as evaluation of the level of impact of ordinary citizens upon the work of government agencies. The author’s special contribution lies in tracing the dynamics of representations of the residents of Tver Region on the local self-governance throughout the recent decade, which allows determining the substantial growth of activist orientations of the Russian citizens, as well as the existence of barrier for realization of self-government potential of population. The acquired information can be valuable for the state and municipal authorities with regards to involvement of population into the self-governance practices.
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