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Contents of Issue № 11/2017
Social studies and monitoring
Moskvich Y., Viktoruk E., Ardyukova O., Dovydenko L.V. - About dominant motivations of success of the students of humanitarian and technical disciplines pp. 1-18


Abstract: This work examines the hierarchy of motivational orientations for achieving success among the students of humanitarian and technical faculties of Krasnoyarsk universities that are essential for the formation of educational policy aimed at improving the quality of education, as well as monitoring of development of the general cultural competences of the students of various academic disciplines, existing differences and deficits. Major attention is given to the establishment of dominant motivations and their relation to the overall value (optimistic or pessimistic) picture of the world, as well as the defining ethics of behavior and decision-making. The choice of two target audiences is made for verification of hypothesis about the presence of substantial distinction in the strategies for achieving success among the students of humanitarian and engineering disciplines. The article applies the psychological diagnostics of motivations of achieving success among the university students that was recently proposed by the S. A. Pakulina. It determines the nine key categories of success characteristic for the students of modern universities: success as financial realization; success as fortune; success as recognition; success as power; success as achievement; personal success; success as state of mind; success as overcoming; success as calling. The survey contains 36 questions that identify the students’ preferences in each of the nine methodological category of success; 591 students of the three leading universities of Krasnoyarsk (Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University named after V. P. Astafyev, Siberian State University of Science and Techlogies) took part in the research. Regardless of the gender and academic disciplines, the dominant motivations includes the successful achievement of the desired goal, self-realization, and personal content; among the less attractive motives have been determines the exterior success (necessity to rule, influence people, make decisions for others). The common dominant motivation for the majority of respondents (90.2%) is the internalized success, which includes the five types of success: achievement, personal success, state of mind, overcoming obstacles, recognition. The author establish the link between such orientation with the high level of optimism among the students of current generation and their successfulness in education. The acquired results can be valuable in formulation and implementation of the modern educational curriculums and practices, creation of efficient environments for the professional and personal activities, forecasting the types of social and public activities of the students.
People and work
Dvorzhakova Z., Fedorova A., Koropets O.A. - The impact of precarity of employment upon the changes in labor relations: assessment of employees of various countries pp. 19-34


Abstract:  Crisis phenomena in the modern economy produce a destructive effect upon the well-being of contract workers. More often, the organizations implement the toxic practices of human resource management, which led to the increase in the level of social pollution of corporate environment, forming the unfavorable psychosocial conditions for professional activity among the staff members. The subject of this research is the labor relations; the goal consists in the monitoring and analysis of changes in labor relations of the five countries, identification of differences and common regularities in labor relations between the employers, chiefs, and employees in various countries that are the factors of social pollution of corporate environment. The article provides the interim results of monitoring, conducted by the author over the period of 2015-2016, that reflect the perception of employees of different categories realizing their professional activity in various socioeconomic conditions, as well as status the employer – worker relationship. Based on the results, the authors reveal the factors of social pollution that have a negative effect upon the well-being of contract workers. The article also identified the factors of formation and expansion of precariat as a new social class. The detailed examination of the aforementioned factors will allow developing the new approaches and methods of managing the well-being of workforce potential at macro and micro levels.   
Migration and adaptation
Dinh H., Baltueva S.V. - The peculiarities of migration process from Vietnam to Irkutsk Region pp. 35-44


Abstract: Migration has become a global issue, thus, the examination of various aspect of migrants’ life remains relevant in modern sociology. The object of this research is the migrants from Vietnam residing in the Irkutsk Region. The subject is the peculiarities of key aspects of life of the Vietnamese migrants. The article reveals the questions associated with the socio-demographic characteristics of the Vietnamese migrants, specificities of their professional activity, and living standards before their arrival to Irkutsk. The work considers the living conditions at the present time and the interaction problems between the migrants and local residents. In addition, the author explains the migration status and further intentions of the migrants, using the semi-structured and detailed interview among the participants of the study. In conclusion, the author provides a brief review of the key aspects of migrants’ life in general and their impact upon the adaptation of Vietnamese migrants in Irkutsk. The scientific novelty consists in the fact that this article is the first to fully examine the history of evolution of the Vietnamese diaspora, main aspects of adaptation and specificities of the migration process from Vietnam to Irkutsk Region. The research results can be valuable for studying the issues of adaptation of the Vietnamese migrants.
Morozov E., Urazaeva N. - Migrants and German society at the present stage: vector of change pp. 45-55


Abstract: This article is dedicated to the relation of German society to migrants that over the recent years have become its intrinsic part. Relevance is defined by the global character of migration processes and their impact upon all areas of social, economic, political, and cultural life of the country, escalation of strain in relationship between the native population and migrants. The object of this research is the attitude of Germans towards migrants, who for some reason or other had moved to Germany for permanent residence. The author in chronological order examine the migration processes in Germany, as well as analyze the reasons that led to changing the vector of moods from loyalty to aggression. Special attention is given to the analysis of statistical data and linguistic interpretation of the German newspaper articles dedicated to the problems of migration in Germany. The scientific novelty consists in application of the comprehensive and multifaceted approach towards examining the materials on the migration processes in Germany. The authors come to the conclusion on the ambiguous attitude of the modern German society towards the migrants, detecting the shift in public moods in changes of social background, level of education, behaviors, goals and motives of last wave refugees.  
Question at hand
Martynova E.V. - Identity of members of the local territorial community in the conditions of globalization pp. 56-63


Abstract: The subject of this research is the conflict identity of the members of local territorial community in the conditions of globalization. All spheres of social life, including political, economic, and cultural are affected by globalization. Global processes have a direct impact upon the life of an individual: change his living conditions, communication with other members of the community, his identity. On one hand, an individual appears to be involved into the global space, while on the other – remains to be a member f the local territorial community, supporting its integrity and distinctness. In the majority of cases, an individual openly demonstrates his identity in the crisis moments, for example, when occurs the danger of transformation or even destruction of the community. The article represents an abstract review of the literature on the topic of globalization and transformation of identity under the global circumstances. The main conclusion consists in the statement that the presence of territorial identity among the majority of community members, in other words, the understanding by the majority of members of their affiliation to such, testifies to the manifestation of certain social processes, based on which an assumption can be made about the preservation of integrity of this local territorial community alongside the existence of the reverse to global processes within. These two vectors are the result of one and the same social process – strengthening of the local territorial community as such. Therefore, the establishment and/or subsequent preservation of the integrity of local territorial community is an alternative to the global processes that take place in the world.
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