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Metaphysics of the state of emergency in Walter Benjamin’s philosophy
Iarkeev Aleksei Vladimirovich

PhD in Philosophy

Senior Scientific Associate, Institute of Philosophy and Law of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences

426004, Russia, respublika Udmurtiya, g. Izhevsk, ul. Lomonosova, 4, of. 516

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The subject of this research is the Walter Benjamin’s representation on the state of emergency in the context of modern issue of correlation between sovereign power, right and violence. The intention of W. Benjamin consists in overcoming the state of demonic existence, which residue is the right, and liberate human being from guilt, in the virtue of which the natural life is included into the order of right and fate. In his criticism of violence, W. Benjamin attempts to validate the possibility of the existence of violence beyond the limits of right, i.e. “on the far side” of “vicious circle” of the dialectics of violence establishing right, and the violence, supporting right. Methodological framework contains hermeneutic ontology (M. Heidegger, H. Arendt), adhering to the principle of the identity of language, existence and reasoning. The main conclusion lies in substantiation of the original thesis that the genuine state of emergence, marked by W. Benjamin as “divine violence”, is the reasoning process, manifesting as the metaphysical “revolutionary” force underlying the sovereign subjectivity, because the reasoning interrupts the non-reflectable flow of natural life.

Keywords: right, violence, subjectivity, decision, sovereign power, state of emergency, metaphysics, divine violence, thinking, Walter Benjamin



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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