Статья 'Роль региональных СМИ в формировании государственной идеологии продвижения позитивного имиджа Союзного государства' - журнал 'Социодинамика' - NotaBene.ru
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The role of regional mass media in formation of the state ideology of promoting positive image of the Union State

Abramov Ruslan Agarunovich

Doctor of Economics

Ph.D. in Economics, professor, head of department, Department of State and Municipal Management, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

115470, Russia, G.moskva, Ul..nagatinskaya oblast', g. Moscow, ul. Nagatinskaya Nab, 34, kv. 137

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The subject of this research is the sociocultural and economic relations that emerge during the formation of state ideology of the image of Union State. The object is the regional mass media of the Union State, since information support on carrying out the budget of the Union State falls predominantly upon one global mass media source and does not promote the image of the state throughout the regions. The article examines mass media that are either private or state by the form of ownership, as well as provides the scenarios of development of the situation, when each of the mass media sources has access to the government procurement as the main channel of financial support of their activity. The author also reviews the impact of the federal and regional mass media upon the formation of image of the state through propaganda of the independent support of mass media or within the state programs. The article demonstrates that the Union State is in the position, when the global space faces the process of globalization and establishment of block formations. Development of Russia-Belarus Union has over 20 years of experience in building the intrastate partnership. The Eurasian Economic Union was founded on similar experience. The overcoming of contradictions and obstacles towards the future integration is based on the opportunities of ensuring the sustainable factor of joint development. And without any doubts, this factor must be the economic one. However, each block formation has its own environment for development, which in many ways represents the source of searching the ways of coexistence. The scientific novelty consists in formulation of the new methods pertaining to the current tasks of mass media to realize their functions. It is suggested to use the thematic of the social network structure, when the news and messages of the authorities reach the broader audience, because they carry maximal personalization and the interests is based on the cognitive strive for increasing the level of information awareness about the social conditions. The article also presents the regional aspects of such activity.

Keywords: integration communications, regional authorities, Union State, image component, media, formation, state ideology, problem, promotion, positive role
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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