Статья 'Классовая структура советского общества и социально - правовой статус личности в советской России (1920-е годы).' - журнал 'Социодинамика' - NotaBene.ru
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Class structure of the Soviet society and socio-legal status of a person in Soviet Russia over the period of 1920’s

Nikulin Viktor Vasil'evich

Doctor of History

Professor of the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law at Tambov State Technical University

Russia, 392000, Tambov, str. Sovetskaya, h.106

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This article discusses the process of establishment of a new social-class structure of society that is based on the idea of strict organization of society according to the class affiliation and confrontation between the classes. The author identifies the mechanism of social selection, as well as the main criteria for determination of a social class. Considerable attention is devoted to the socio-legal implications for the status of the individual division of society into antagonistic classes. In particular, the article analyzes the legal and political grounds for the deprivation of electoral rights of the citizens. Legal precedent alongside the legal consequences of deprivation of rights for different social groups is demonstrated. The author examines the practice of implementation of class principles within the Soviet criminal policy during the period of 1920's, as well as proves that the Soviet penal system was built mainly on the idea of strict differentiation of society according to social status. As a result, the punishment was based not on the combination of person's wrongdoing or type of crime, but rather the nature of the group to which he belonged to; and this can be defined as legal discrimination on the basis of class differentiation. The conclusion is made that the hierarchically structured system of social-class communities determined the unequal social status of different social groups, which significantly reduces the possibility of the person's participation in political and public life, influenced their financial situation, and to determines the unequal legal status.

Keywords: Law, Legal precedent, Lawfulness, Sentence, Electoral rights, Discrimination, Social status, Social selection, Classes, Class theory
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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