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Émile Durkheim’s theory of anomie and the modernity

Napso Marianna Davletovna

Professor, the department of Philosophy and Humanitarian Disciplines, North Caucasian State Humanitarian Technological Academy

369000 Russia, Cherkessk, Pereulok Odessky 5, unit #88

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The object of this research is the phenomenon of anomie, while the subject is Émile Durkheim’s theory of anomie and its modern interpretation. The author examines specificity of the historical and sociocultural contexts that lead to the emergence of anomie. The peculiarities of transitional periods, instability and contradiction of which results in incompliance of the value and worldview orientations are being reviewed. The article analyzes the factors that prosper the expansion of the space of anomie, as well as traces its negative impact upon the manifestation of individual and collective consciousness. Attention is given to the connection between the anomie and deviation. The scientific novelty consists in substantiation of thesis about the complicated nature of anomie and factors that lead to it. The author makes the following conclusions: 1) expansion of the space of anomie requires using the interdisciplinary approach in its research; 2) special relevance attains the study of the risks of anomie.

Keywords: organic solidarity, mechanic solidarity, deviation, marginalization, alienation, valuable anomie, social anomie, anomie, disintegration, destruction
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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