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Modern Russian Liberals and Fascism

Eremina Natalia

Doctor of Politics

Docent, the department of European Researches, St. Petersburg State University

191060 Russia, St. Petersburg, Smolnogo Street 1/3, office #8

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Seredenko Sergei

head of department of law studies, Institute of European studies (Riga, Latvia); a lawyer, a human rights advocate (Tallinn, Estonia); ex-Russian ombudsmen in Estonia.

Estonia. Tallinn. Ahtri, 12

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The subject of the research is the political views of the Russian liberal public, or is wider, "not system opposition". Object of research - a position of leaders of "not system opposition" on fascism and Nazism, interpretation of these definitions and all circumstances and the phenomena by them, with them connected. The purpose of the real research – to give the forecast of reaction of the Russian liberals for attempt to bring definition of Nazism (fascism), and also research of ideas of modern Russian liberals of Nazism (fascism) in the Russian legislation. Authors in detail consider scientific ideas of Nazism and fascism and reveal the key points of view of the Russian liberals, whose approach causes fears of a trivialization of fascism. Research methods – the system analysis and the content analysis. These methods allow to investigate the Russian liberal public as the group possessing certain signs among which in work as the leader the view of fascism and Nazism is considered. Content the analysis was applied to studying of public statements of the Russian liberals. Novelty of the presented research consists in that. that for the first time in scientific work the question of transformation of definitions of fascism and Nazism in political tools which actively are used recently by bright representatives so-called "not system opposition" of Russia was raised. In addition, authors managed to come to a number of the scientific finds, for example, connected with views of liberals of the Soviet period in the history of Russia. Is important as well that authors could develop concrete recommendations which can be useful in legislative process during development of the relevant law on fascism (Nazism).

Keywords: palingenesis, political struggle, political mentality, agressive nationalism, liberal political opposition, Nazism, fascism, political parties, Russian world, trivialization of fascism
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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