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Modern Education
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Contents of Issue є 01/2020
Vasil'ev M.A. - The establishment of Irkutsk Fire-Technical School of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of USSR: historical-pedagogical retrospective pp. 1-7


Abstract: The subject of this research is the process of establishment of Irkutsk Fire-Technical School during the 1960’s – 1970’s and its professional-pedagogical transformation in the later period of 1990’s. The article covers in the details the question of historical-pedagogical peculiarities in recruitment of the faculty staff of the school with academic personnel at the initial stage. The author explores the question of professional skills of the temporary and permanent academic staff in realization of training, marching drill and combat activities. In the course of this research the author determines and analyzes the factors that influenced the establishment and development Irkutsk Fire-Technical School of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of USSR during the 1960’s – 1970’; as well as peculiarities of pedagogical activity in the formative stage of the educational institution. The article examines the relationship of the cadets and staff members of the school with the service branches. The presented research is relevant for broad audience, since the establishment and development of departmental institution of system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of USSR in the territory of Baikalia during the 1960’s became a milestone event for education system of the entire Siberian Region.
Gorokhova S.S. - Professional and educational standards in the context of integration of education, science and professional activity in the area of preparation of financial market specialists in the Russian Federation pp. 8-21


Abstract: The subject of this research is the public relations established in the process of integration of education, science and business activity for the purpose of increasing competitiveness of national economy. Particular attention is paid to the questions of correspondence of the federal state educational standards and professional standards, developed for the specialists in the sphere of financial markets. The low level of interaction between the systems of education, science and practical sphere is underlined. The author determines the key problems impeding integration of education and professional environment in the Russian Federation, as well as givers recommendations on the improvement of legal framework. The article is prepared on the materials of realization of state assignment to the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation for 2019 on the topic “Human Resourcing of Financial Market Digitalization Processes”. The following conclusions were made: the formation of professional and educational standards is based on the essentially different approaches; the approaches towards determination of general requirements to education in the professional standards are not normatively established; the analysis detects striking discrepancies between competences of the future financial market specialists formed in accordance with requirements of the federal state educational standards and a set of job functions and actions envisaged by the professional standards.
Barinova E.B. - Preparation of scientific organization to accreditation of curricula for training academic staff pp. 22-32


Abstract: This article describes and analyzes the peculiarities of human resourcing, creation of digital information and educational environment, formation of the fund of assessment tools, as well as arrangement of conditions for teaching the persons with health limitations in preparation to accreditation of postgraduate and residency curricula in the scientific institutions. The article is based on the relevant legislative framework of the Russian Federation, as well as experience of obtaining accreditation for educational activity in the scientific institutions for those yet to undergo this procedure. The indicators and criteria system for assessing the compliance of the content and quality of training programs of academic staff is built in accordance with the requirements set in the state normative legal documents. It is worth noting that the requirements of the federal state educational standards are sufficiently substantiated with regards to information and material-technological support, human resourcing in training academic staff, as well as accessibility of educational resources for the persons with health limitations.
Modern strategies and forms of education
Shirinkina E.V., Kelchevskaya N.R. - The system of УTuning of educational structuresФ in terms of formation of the single educational space pp. 33-52


Abstract: The subject of this research is the system of educational structures in higher education. The object of this research is the experience of European countries in formation of the single educational space. Comparative characteristics of the European and Russian educational structures is presented. This allows formulating the contradictions within educational infrastructure of the system of Russian higher education. The article carries an analytical-problematic character. The relevance is substantiated by the fact that Russia’s accession into the European educational space led to a number of contradictions, since each European country had its own “coordinate system” within the system of higher education, while the job market is uniform for everyone. The article analyzes the European experience with regards to establishment of single educational space, as well as pursues correlation between the European and Russian educational structure. The main conclusion consists in the formation of interrelation matrix of the elements of educational process. The author’s special contribution is the application of systemic approach towards creation of educational structures within the system of higher education. The novelty lies in building the system of “Tuning of educational structures” as implementation of methodological principles of European education in the Russian universities.
Barinova E.B. - The peculiarities of implementation of inclusive education in the Russian Federation at the current stage pp. 53-63


Abstract: This article presents a comprehensive analysis of the normative legal, methodological, and practical requirements towards implementation of inclusive education in the modern educational institution. The author examines the fundamental international legal acts ensuring the rights of persons with health limitations; list of laws ensuring implementation of inclusion into the Russian education; normative-legal documents regulating the efficient functioning of inclusive activity of educational institution in the Russian Federation; main methodological requirements towards implementation of inclusive education in the educational institution; requirements to practical results of implementation of the dynamic process of inclusive education. The article highlights the three key mechanisms of realization of inclusion: 1) development and realization of an individual curriculum; 2) devising a program of individual psychological and pedagogical support of a student; 3) development of intervention program that must become a part of the curriculum. The main conclusion lies in the thesis that inclusion is a dynamically developing process that contains the three independent sub-processes: educational process; assistance and support; socialization, integration to culture and system of social relations.
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