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Modern Education

Trajectories of public education in Muslim families of the Republic of Bashkortostan

Nadyrshin Timur Maratovich

Junior Scientific Associate, R. G. Kuzeev Institute of Ethnological Studies of Ufa Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences

450077, Russia, respublika Bashkortostan, g. Ufa, ul. Karla Marksa, 6

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Abstract: The problem of conservation and transmission of their culture is important for the religious communities, namely for Muslims. The educational path of children born to Muslim families in the multicultural society may either coincide or differ from the path of their peers. This article examines the existing trajectories of public education in the Muslim community of Ufa. Analysis is conducted on such forms of education as: public schools for religious children; stay-at-home family education; and private schools. In the first instance, the restraining factors for believers are the absence of halal food and the difficulty of manifestation of identity through clothing. In the second instance, believers there are no two aforementioned problem, but lack of socialization. In the third instance, the financial situation of the religious families matters. Meanwhile, the Ufa Muslim community is discussing the creation of educational projects that would meet the needs of religious parents, produce and reproduce the Muslim elite, since the state education system is not yet capable of solving these issues.


Islam, education in Islam, family education, religious education, Muslim community, culture transmission, private schools, inculturation, muslim family, educational trajectory

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