Статья 'Рефлексия профессионального становления будущих учителей начальных классов на этапе вхождения в профессию' - журнал 'Современное образование' - NotaBene.ru
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Modern Education

Reflection of professional formation of future elementary school teachers at the stage of entry into a profession

Enzhevskaya Marina Vladimirovna

PhD in Pedagogy

Docent, the department of Pedagogical Psychology named after Professor Guruzhapov, Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

127051, Russia, Moskva oblast', g. Moscow, ul. Sretenka, 29, of. 213

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Abstract: This work examines the influence of the educational activities upon the development of professional reflection in freshmen students for Bachelor in psychology and pedagogical at the stage of entry into a profession. The need for developing reflection in students at the stage of entry into a profession is evident, which also relates to introduction of new educational standards that led to changes in the requirements to the teacher’s professional qualification currently regulated in occupational standard. At the same time, within the framework of classical university education, remains the deficit for educational activities aimed at development of the professional reflection in students. The relevant task is to determine the correlation between the implementation of educational activities and the formation of professional reflection. In the course of this research, the author carried out a forming experience that included educational activities of scenario planning of educational activities, as well as writing an essay. The diagnostics of level of reflexivity and influence of its development upon the professional formation of future teachers is conducted. The study proves the effectiveness of such activities with regards to development of reflection in students, as well as demonstrated the approach to teaching the Bachelors of psychological and pedagogical directions based on the scenario planning of the educational-developmental situations. The research expands the theoretical representations on the peculiarities of reflection of the professional formation of Bachelors of psychological-pedagogical direction at the stage of entry into a profession. The acquired results and conclusions can be valuable for university pedagogues for developing reflexive abilities in students.

Keywords: educational-developmental situations, elementary school teacher, elementary school students, Professional standard, Federal state educational standard, scenario planning , reflection, educational activity, students, Bachelor
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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