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Contents of Issue № 02/2015
The police and protection of human rights
Akopdzhanova M.O. - Peculiarities of the legislation on compulsory civil liability insurance of vehicle owners application pp. 1-9


Abstract: The article describes the peculiarities of the existing legal regulation and enforcement practice in the legislation on compulsory civil liability insurance of vehicles owners application in the Russian Federation. The study focuses on the issues of judicial practice, the peculiarities of consideration of cases by the courts of the relevant category, gives the statutory parameters of the jurisdiction differentiation in appropriate cases and the ways of insurance compensation which are legally established and can be granted to the aggrieved party; the author reveals the role and importance of liability insurance. The methodology of the research is based on a set of general scientific and special methods of objective socio-legal reality cognition in the studied field: the methods of analysis, synthesis, generalization and systematization, the formal logical method. The article examines and analyzes the key aspects of regulations of the current legislation on compulsory liability insurance of vehicles owners. The conclusions of this paper can be used by law enforcement bodies for investigation of the cases of the relevant category, judges, students, graduate students, and all those interested in jurisprudence.
Preventative work of the police
Chernyaev G.M., Bystryantsev A.F. - On the issue of public order and security provision by law-enforcement agencies at sports events pp. 10-59


Abstract: Today the provision of public order at mass sports events is a difficult task  involving decision-making, significant efforts, sources, and specialists from different sectors. Mass sports events are an important social phenomenon which requires the complex use of sources of the Ministry of Internal affairs for public order protection and public security provision, coordinated work of different units of the internal affairs bodies. The abovementioned conditions predetermine the importance of the study of management of public order provision by law-enforcement bodies at mass sports events. The object of the research covers the legally regulated public relations connected with public order and security provision during mass sports events. The subject of the research is the legal organization of management activity aimed at public order protection. The authors use the following methods of research: the formal logical method, the method of system analysis, the comparative-legal, historical-legal methods and others. The theoretical base of the research contains the works of the scholars in the sphere of administrative law, the works in the field of general theory of state and law, public administration, administrative and legal organization of public order and security provision. The article studies and generalizes the experience of the internal affairs bodies in development and enhancement of officers training. The authors generalize the positive and negative experience of the police activities during mass sports events in Russia and abroad. They consider the tasks, the main spheres of activity, the structure and the responsibilities of the internal affairs units, and the stages of public order provision. The authors offer the ways of the police officers training. The article considers the tactics of law-enforcers’ actions during mass sports events and under extraordinary circumstances and offers the ways of the police’ efficiency enhancement. 
Professional training of police officers
Dolgikh I.P. - Problems and prospects of vocational training of internal affairs bodies' officers in the Russian Federation pp. 60-71


Abstract: The subject of the research covers pedagogical regularities, principles, content and organization of professional training of  the Ministry of internal Affairs' officers of the Russian Federation.The aim of the study is improvement of professional training of internal affairs bodies' officers. The tasks of the research are: 1. Analysis of the recent condition of professional training of firstly employed officers of different ranks, revelation of tendencies of its development and the existing contradictions. 2. Development of suggestions about optimization of professional training of internal affairs bodies' officers. The methodology of the research is based on the theory of cognition and the scientific developments of its adoption in the system of professional education. The author uses theoretical and practical methods. The novelty of the research lies in the fact that it provides an objective analysis of the recent condition of the system of professional training of the internal affairs bodies' employees. It reveals essential drawbacks of professional education courses of internal affairs bodies' officers of different ranks, suggests certain ways of their improvement. The paper develops the suggestions about professional training optimization. 
The issues of interaction between police and other law enforcement authorities and institutions
Krasnova K.A., Ivlieva N.V. - Cancellation of security measures: problems of theory and practice. pp. 72-86


Abstract: During the last ten years state protection has become an effective measure of safety provision for the participants of criminal legal proceedings. The relations between the person under protection and the institution carrying out the security measures are based on the treaty on the conditions of security measures application, mutual obligations and mutual responsibility of the parties. The article considers the "gaps" of the Federal law of August 20, 2004 No. 119-FZ "On state protection of victims, witnesses and other participants of criminal legal proceedings", and the urgent problems of law-enforcement practice. One of the methods of primary information collection for the preliminary consideration of the object of the research was the study of documents reflecting the results of investigative activities of units responsible for the provision of safety of the persons under state protection and territorial bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. The study and generalization of practical experience were aimed at the analysis of the conditions of practice, identification of drawbacks and conflicts, new elements in the activities of state protection units' agents. The authors propose a new classification of the grounds for security measures cancellation depending on the behavioural model of the person under protection in typical situations of violation of the treaty on the conditions of security measures application, mutual obligations and mutual responsibility of the parties. The authors come to the conclusions about a key role of assessment of information about such violations of treaty and confirm the timeliness of introduction of a new function of the institutions responsible for security measures application ˗ psychological maintenance of the person under protection – for the effective implementation of state protection and the prevention of violation of obligations by the person under protection when concluding a treaty on the conditions of security measures application, mutual obligations and mutual responsibility of the parties.
Supervision of the police
Grishkovets A.A. - Legal and organizational problems of work of the Public Council under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation pp. 87-117


Abstract:  The subject of the article covers the legal and organizational problems of public control in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The author draws attention to the forms and methods of this type of control. On the base of the analysis the author formulates the proposals about the improvement of control mechanisms in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. The article notes that public council should not become a kind of an elitist "closed club" of public figures close to the Ministry and its head. Judging by the practice of the previous years, such a risk exists. It is essential for every member of the public council to work actively and productively within the competence established for the Public Council.The methodology of the research is based on the modern achievements of epistemology. The study uses the theoretical and general philosophical methods (dialectics, the system method, analysis, synthesis, analogy, deduction, observation, modeling), the traditional legal methods and techniques used in empirical sociological studies (statistics, expert assessments, etc.). .The article concludes that the main emphasis in the development of social groups in the area of public order protection is now made on the creation of public councils under the public bodies and, most importantly, the filling of their activities with a real content. It is proved that it is not enough to create an appropriate public council, it is necessary for it to have an opportunity to unfluence the decision-making process, including personnel policy.
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