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Police and Investigative Activity

Functioning of the System of Internal Security in the Mechanism of Government of the USA
Kikot'-Glukhodedova Tat'yana Vladimirovna

PhD in Law

lecturer at the Department of Constitutional and Municipal Law at Moscow University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

117437, Russia, Moscow, ul. Akademika Volgina 12

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The article is devoted to the legal and organizational grounds of functioning of the system of internal security in the mechanism of government of the USA. Police is taking up the leading position in the system of internal security there. It is also noted that a typical feature of the American system of intenal security is a traditional usage of elements and parts of the US armed forces. The system of internal security consists of the two levels, the federal level and the level of federative constituents. An important feature of police activities in the USA is the fact that police of states and cities does not have a strict hierarchy system. The authors of the article describe the main tasks of police agencies at US states. Regional police organizations perform decentralized activity. The National Guards suppress domestic disturbances in time of peace. In case the local authorities cannot manage extreme situations on their own, they ask for federative support. In Russia the national system of internal security has been developed based on democracy principles and national peculiarities of our country. 

Keywords: security, police, USA, threat, risk, sovereignty, system, control, politics, state institution

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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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