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This issue is currently being formed. All articles presented on this page have already been included in this issue, are considered published, and will remain unchanged in the final version of the issue along with other metadata of the articles.
Учредитель: Даниленко Василий Иванович, w.danilenko@nbpublish.com
Главный редактор: Петров Владислав Олегович, Doctor of Art History, petrovagk@yandex.ru
Contents of Issue № 02/2021
Philosophy of Music
Vasilenko V. - V.M. Bekhterev on the influence of lofty sounds of music on person and society pp. 1-10


Abstract: The research subject is the scope of academic works of Vladimir Mikhailovich Bekhterev (1857 - 1927) published just before and during World War I, including the articles “Music as a remedy” (1913), “The role of music in aesthetic education of a child from the first days of life” (1915), “Remedial and hygienical role of music” (1916), in which the academician considers the results of experimental research of the influence of music on person and society from the standpoint of collective reflexology and general psychology, and develops methodic guidelines for the practical usage of music. The scientific novelty of the article consists in the fact that the author introduces the natural-science knowledge acquired by V.M. Bekhterev experimentally, into the discourse of the social sciences. The problem of practical usage of music is solved in the context of a comprehensive approach to human study. Along with explicit scientific facts, the sources under consideration have implicit content which can be explained by the academician’s interest in the social aspects of life, creative activities in arts, and music as a form of art. The author emphasizes the practical importance of the collected and classified guidelines for the practical usage of music for the purpose of the improvement of society.
History and Theory of Musical Performance
Lygina E.V. - The principle of modeling as a means of classification of instrumental ensembles with a domra pp. 11-19


Abstract: The present article, developing a comprehensive approach to the classification of instrumental ensembles with a domra, aims at detecting the principles which can serve as a basis for the creation of various models of such objects. The author suggests analyzing the aspects of existence of the phenomenon under study from various positions: as music groups, and from the viewpoint of music compositions created for such groups. The article considers and compares the models of concert groups according to the number of their members and instrumental components, as well as according to the genre and style peculiarities of the repertoire of instrumental ensembles with a domra and their cooperation with composers. This classification method helps to comprehensively cover the work of a large number of musicians, both the members of ensembles and composers. The modeling of various systems of the creation of methods of classification of instrumental ensembles helps to study the peculiarities of the existence of such groups in modern music culture. The author arrives at the conclusion that at present, the music performance spectrum of Russia contains a vast range of ensembles with various instrumental contents and different numbers of members. The diversity of genre and style models of such groups is reflected in their repertoire - from folklore, classical music and modern composers schools to jazz, rock, pop-music and performance.  
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