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PHILHARMONICA. International Music Journal

O.V. Sineokii Tommy Bolin: The Development Crises of Professional Music Career and Ragged Path in Life as an Object of Philosophical and Culturological Research

Abstract: The object of the study are to overcome the problems of psychological stress in a professional music career. Bolin’s Music is elegant and it is characterized by a combination of strength and exquisite beauty. As a pioneer in working with sound, it is still at a young age has won recognition among jazz and rock musicians. It was Tommy Bolin was able to fully refresh the creative atmosphere of DEEP PURPLE, that by the time a kind of stubborn self-copying regressed, although he could not prevent the collapse of the group. His death left a void in certain unique sector of rock music that represents musical cocktail of a mixture of jazz, hard rock and vintage blues. In this arlicle author suggested and tried to justify the assumption that a great musician, perhaps one of the most prolific and underrated guitarists of all time – Tommy Bolin has become hostage to the brand, created originally for the realization of other ideas of another remarkable musician Ritchie Blackmore. Presented version according to which these and other circumstances were the main determinants of psychological crisis of professional musical activities that are the subject of philosophical and cultural urological research The research based on the phenomenological concept of organizational culture and the theory of social institutions, which are understood as stable complexes of formal and informal rules, principles, norms, attitudes governing the interaction of people in a particular sphere of life and organizes it into a system of roles and statuses. The novelty of the research lies in the scientific substantiation of the reasons for the crises of professional music career, Tommy Bolin, which ultimately led to a life of tragedy – the death of the great guitarist. Over the past year and a half life of Tommy Bolin was four errors – brand (first), communicative (two), psychological (third) and operational (fourth), the totality of which played a fatal role.


Record Company, Album, Live Performance, Guitarist, Rock Musician, DEEP PURPLE, Tommy Bolin, Brand, Music Industry, Version of Events

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