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PHILHARMONICA. International Music Journal

Symphonies by B. Tishchenko: in tune with the times, against the troubled times. Part 1

Serov Yurii Eduardovich

PhD in Art History

Lecturer and master of the student symphony orchestra at St.Petersburg music school named after M.P. Mussorgsky

191028, Russia, g. Saint Petersburg, ul. Mokhovaya, 36

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Abstract: The research subject is the symphonic works of an outstanding Russian composer of the late 20th century Boris Ivanovich Tishchenko (1939 - 2010). The article considers his compositions of the 1960s - 1980s: the first six symphonies with numbers and some symphonies with titles. The author studies such aspects of the topic as Tishchenko’s innovatory role in the renovation of Russian symphonic style of the 1960s, the interrelation of music and poetry in Tishchenko’s large orchestra compositions, and the significant influence of literary concepts on the development of his symphonic style. Special attention is given to the issue of Tishchenko taking over from the large Russian symphonic tradition. The main contribution of the research is the idea that Tishchenko is among the few of his generation who held true to the genre of large “pure” symphony, and took over from the symphonic line of his genius teacher D. Shostakovich. The author’s special contribution is the analysis of all symphonic works by B. Tishchenko. Such a detailed study is the first in Russia. The scientific novelty of the research consists in the fact that the author proves a close connection between Tishchenko’s symphonic style and his epoch, the controversial cultural and social processes suffered by his generation.

Keywords: Dramaturgy, Renewal, Symphony orchestra, Poetry, Music in the USSR, Symphony, Boris Tishchenko, Word and music, Musical theatricality, Leningrad
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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