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Security Issues
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Contents of Issue № 06/2019
Technologies and methodology of security systems
Sivakova T.V., Baluta V.I., Karandeev A.A. - Integral approach towards assessment of antiterrorism security of the objects pp. 1-14


Abstract: The decreasing relevance of the problem of terrorism threats, as well as the expansion of possibilities and areas of manifestation of the activity of terrorists, require attention on improving the quality of counter-terrorism, including the immediate organization of the system for physical protection of the objects. Efficiency assessment is one of the elements in designing such systems. For the most part, the modern methods of conducting such assessment are quite sizeable and labor-consuming; the numerical value of output parameters, as all else being equal, differ significantly and cannot be collocated with the level of admissible risk of a particular object. This article offers a simplified approach towards efficiency assessments of security systems by means of territorial zoning based on small amount of input parameters. The scientific novelty of the presented methodological approach consists in unary (as a counterbalance to vector) assessment of security indicator, which allows using this approach for creation of instruments of automatic optimization of deployment of equipment for detecting unauthorized intrusion and countermeasures to unauthorized exposure (including strike munitions) for ensuring maximal protection of the target object.
Strategy of national security
Inshakov S.M. - Space security: systemic analysis pp. 15-29


Abstract: The subject of this research is the problematic related to ensuring space security. This phenomenon is a crucial prerequisite for military security, sovereignty and independence, as well as sustainable development of the country (factor of scientific, technological, and economic security). Space security is viewed from several perspectives: military, technogenic, environmental and astrophysical. Transition of the system of space norms into the law are accompanied by two parallel processes: nuclear race; and the process of transformation of force dominance of one hyperpower into military parity of the United States and the Soviet Union. The goal of this work consists in searching of ways for increasing the level of sustainability of space security and ensuring reliability of country’s security. The scientific novelty of the article alongside its results are defined by the original approach towards studying systemic linkages between space security and collateral phenomena. Dialectic interaction of these two determinants of secured space activity is the focus of attention. The establishment of space security is examines in parallel with the analysis of origin and evolution of space law. These processes are viewed in the context of transformation of technical norms into the system that increasingly obtains thee legal essence.
Monitoring and civil control of security systems
Karnachev P.I., Cheltybashev A.A., Karnachev I.P. - Analysis of effectiveness of a complex of measures taken by the Ministry of Emergency Situations aimed at increasing the level of fire safety in mountainous areas of Kola Peninsula pp. 30-37


Abstract: This article is dedicated to consideration of the practical security problems in conditions of sustainable development of mountainous areas on the example Kola Peninsula. The subject of this is a complex of measures aimed at prevention and liquidation of emergency situations in the city of Kirovsk (Murmansk Region) based on the risk maps. The authors examined not only potentially dangerous objects in Kirovsk District of Murmansk Region, but also analyzed the fire risks assessing the effectiveness of the implemented set of measures aimed at its reduction based on the acquired data. The scientific novelty consists in the analysis of methods for reducing the risks of emergency situations grounded on the concept of regional sustainable development, and forecast of the potential emergency situations based on risk maps and statistical data for the city of Kirovsk of Murmansk Region. The obtained result allowed conducting the analysis of effectiveness of expenditures allocated for carrying out preventive measures aimed at reducing the fire risks in the city of Kirovsk (Murmansk Region), as well as proposing a set of measures for reducing the level of fire danger.
Informational support of national security
Kamenetsky E.S., Basaeva E.K. - On the one method of predicting an irregular change of power pp. 38-47


Abstract: This article examines the potential precursors for an irregular change of power (coup, revolution, impeachment, etc.) for the purpose of its possible forecasting. It is assumed that several years prior to an irregular change of power, tension of the elite should increase. The elite tension is assessed by public tension using the previously developed mathematical model. The latter is determined using the normalized homicide rate as an indicator. The article examines 14 cases of irregular change of power in the eleven countries. Identical values of the constants of model were applied to all countries for more detailed forecasting formalization. In ten out of fourteen cases, the estimates of tension of the elite obtained by the proposed method, demonstrate noticeable increase (by more than 10%) in five years preceding the change of power, or two significant run-ups n tension of the elite over same five years Implementation of such approach allowed to accurately predict an untimely change of power in 71% of the considered cases The proposed method, along with other existing methods, may be valuable for predicting the political crises that are highly likely to end in the irregular change of power.
Person and citizen within security systems
Pryadko I.P. - Relevant issues in application of environmental code in the area of maintenance and construction of urban buildings and structures pp. 48-57


Abstract: This article examines the instances of application of legal methods with regards to creation of biosphere-compatible space in the cities. The goals of this work are of descriptive and analytical nature. The author provides a review of the state of environment and geosphere shells, primarily of the lowest atmosphere layer within the cities. Analysis is conducted on the results of activity of environmental organizations, particularly the institutions rendering environmental consulting services. In the analyzed arbitration court materials, the author estimates the legal consequences of contract termination through the court for the parties – Moscow State University of Civil Engineering as a customer and private environmental consulting organization as contractor. The result of litigation between legal entities are extrapolated onto the general practice of environmental consulting developing in our country. The dispute on fulfilling the terms of contract pertinent to calculation of limits of permissible emotions in the sphere of environmental support of project documentation serves as the material for this analysis. The scientific of the proposed approach consists in viewing environmental consulting within the general system of environmental measures implemented in Russia. The conclusion is made on the need for improvement of requirements to the work of environmental consulting organizations. The author also stresses the need for cooperation between environmental organizations and representatives of civil society.
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