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Security Issues
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Contents of Issue № 06/2018
Humanitarian support of national security
Labunskaya V.A. - Ethno Lookism as the Factor that Decreases Psychological Safety of Ethno-Cultural Groups with Different Kinds of Appearance pp. 1-8


Abstract: The subject of the research is ethno lookism interpreted as 'everyday' discriminatory practice that involve ethno-cultural groups with peculiar appearance. New aspects of human existence, in particular, 'digital environment', raise a question about psychological safety of an individual when he or she happens to be under the influence of discriminatory behavior caused by the influence of various factors. Thus, the author of the article emphasizes the need to analyze subjective and personality factors that influence the acceptance of ethno lookism and, consequently, on the definition of individual's psychological safety. The author offers the following hypothesis: acceptance or non-acceptance of ethno lookism may be the result of self-evaluations of one's appearance. The methods used by the author include 1)Test to evaluate the acceptance of discriminatory behavior of the Other when ethno-cultural groups are involved; 2) Appearance Self-Evaluation Test. The mathematical procedures included single-factor analysis of variance, T-criteria of paired samples, and Mann–Whitney U test. The research involved 66 young people from 25 to 35 years old, men constituted 36% and women constituted 64%. The main conclusions of the research: 1. The range of ethno lookism acceptance demonstrates that 25% of research participants have a high level of ethno lookism acceptance. These young people may be a threat for psychological safety of particular groups with a singular appearance. 2. The higher self-esteem and self-evaluation of young people towards their appearance are, the more tolerant they are to ethno lookism and the more frequent they determine the level of psychological safety in a group. 
Legal support of national security
Bimbinov A.A., Voronin V.N. - Problems that May Arise in the Process of Qualifying Violent Actions Against Sexual Freedom pp. 9-16


Abstract: The object of the research is the social relations arising in the process of ensuring sexual safety. In Russia sexual safety is ensured by the criminal law in the first place. This includes the Criminal Code provisions that set forth responsibility for crime against sexual health, sexual freedom, sexual integrity, privacy and morality. The biggest threats are violent actions against sexual freedom (articles 131 - 132 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). Thus, the subject matter of this research is the provisions that set forth responsibility for aforesaid crime. The research involves both general and special research methods. These provisions are being analyzed in terms of their correspondence to fundamental categories of the criminal law, requirements of the legal protection and international standards. The main result of the research is the development of a new version of Article 131 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Based on doctrinal views and results of court and investigative practice, the authors discover that concurrent existence of Article 131 and Article 132 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation violates the principle of justice and qualification criteria set forth in these articles should be reviewed. 
Rozhkov A.A. - Critics of the Concept of Striving for Security in the Structural Realism pp. 17-24


Abstract: The subject of the research is the problem of striving for security in the structural realism as well as critics of the realistic thesis about the relevant use of the term 'security' in the theory of international relations. The concept of striving for security plays an important role in the corpus of political realism. The most authoritarian researchers of political realism assume that the safety need defines the interaction between states on the international stage. At the same time, according to the author of the article absolutization of this term creates significant contradictions in the core of the theory itself. The main conclusions of the research is that therei s a contradiction in the methodological approach offered by structural realism. Based on the author, the concept of striving for security should be completed with analysis of intra-state factors as well as definition of international interests. 
Informational support of national security
Emel'yanov A.S. - The Cassandra Effect in the Process of Fast Decision Making: Logical Semantic Interpretation pp. 25-46


Abstract: The academic literature describes the process of making fast decisions in situations of uncertainty as alogical and with irrational mechanisms of decision making. The same tendency can be discovered in works by D. Kanemman, A. Tversky and R. Tyler. However, today the question about the influence of the logical form of language (disinformation, logical probability or logical contradiction) on the decision making process has not been answered. The aim of this research is to discover the relationship between semantic disinformation and making fast or slow decisions. The authors have conducted two experiments for this purpose. In the first experiment they analyzed the influence of the volume of semantic disinformation on the process of fast decision making. In the second experiment they analyzed the influence of semantic disinformation on the process of slow decision making. In his research Emelyanov has used the methods of statistical processing of data (unilateral variance analysis, correlation and regression analysis) as well as logical semantic analysis of the informational content. The following hypotheses have been made and proved in the course of this research: 1) there is a negative correlation between logical competence and mechanisms of classical rationality in the process of fast decision making; 2) there is a positive correlation between the time of decision and the level of logical competence of respondents in the course of the slow decision making. The results of the research demonstrate the heuristic and behavioral mechanisms of two types of decisions in situations of uncertainty as well as help develop tools for processing the semantic informational content. 
Economical support of national security
Kulapat D., Boykov A.V. - Organization of Transport Logistics Systems of Multimodal Transportation to Ensure Economic Security pp. 47-55


Abstract: The authors of the article describe transport logistics system (TLS) in fresh and blue waters that have been created as a result of Crimea joning the Russian Federation. The subject of the research is the organisation of TLSs with the routes that pass through sea and river basins. The object of the research is the TLS cargo lines including special ferries of PO-PO type. As a result of such traffic, the country will receive a transportation line of bigger capacity which will ensure stable rates of national economy growth. The authors of the article analyze variants with multimodal transportation. They focus on efficiency of TLS transportation compared to vehicle and railway transport without using TLS and consequently, tremendous prospects for further development of the sea transportation in the Russian Federation which, in the long run, would ensure the acceptable level of the economic security. The research methodology implies optimization of the TLS target function using fresh and blue waters and taking into accout limited resources. The main conclusions of the research is that reunion of Crimea with the Russian Federation created sea waterways that are used as transportation routes and adjoin to in-land waterways, the latter extending opportunities of TLS. This is important for organisation of multimodal TLS transportation, ensures a sustainble growth of natinal economy and, consequently, acceptable level of economic security. The authors' special contribution to the research is the evaluation and analysis of TLS multimodal transportation through fresh and blue waters. The scientific novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the authors analyze and compare variants of multimodal transportation through fresh and blue waters. 
Question at hand
Gorian E. - Cooperation Between Russia and in the Field of Cybersecurity: Intermediary Results and Areas for Further Development pp. 56-70


Abstract: The object of the research is the relations that may arise during cooperation between the Russian Federation and Association of Southeast Asian Nations in the field of cypersecurity. The author describes legal and institutional mechanisms of such cooperation in the fields of security and cybersecurity and defines the role of the leading states of the region in the development of the architecture of international relations, describes areas of their foreign policy and analyzes the nature of the cooperation between the Russian Federation and ASEAN in the fields of information security, prospects of such relations taking into account historical, political and economic factors. In order to obtain more valid results, the author has applied a set of general research methods (system structural, formal law and hermeneutical methods) and special research methods (comparative law and historical law). The cooperation between Russia and ASEAN in the field of cyberspace is neccesary to be improved for the benefit of Russia, in particular, through arranging economic and trade relation in the sector of information technologies, qualitative and quantitative reinforcement of the cooperation between CERT-teams, and development of bilateral intergovernmental and nongovernmental connections with the leading states of the region. 
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