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Security Issues
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Contents of Issue № 01/2016
Technologies and methodology of security systems
Petrov V.E., Abasov M.M. - The program of psychological prevention of interpersonal conflicts on public transport pp. 1-8


Abstract: The paper is devoted to the possibilities of and approaches to the psychological prevention of interpersonal conflicts on public transport. The authors pay special attention to the need for the improvement of passenger service quality, decrease of the number of complaints about transport services, and provision for the fail-safety of public transportation. Among the methods of “driver-passenger” relations development the authors offer to improve the psychological work with public transport drivers. The authors develop and test the program of psychological prevention of interpersonal conflicts on public transport consisting of four two-hours’ long lessons. The lessons should be held in the form of seminars-trainings combining the discussion of topical issues of driver-passengers interaction, and training activities containing the typical problem situations which drivers encounter during their work. The psychological prevention program efficiency has been assessed during the experiment with the control and experimental groups. The validity of the results has been verified with the help of a “Student’s” t-test. Thus, the psychological prevention allows the drivers to acquire new experience, to form the skills of conflict-free communication in problem situations, to develop the skills of behavior control. The authors suppose that it will improve the quality of passenger service in the sphere of public transportation and enhance the road safety. 
Globalization and national security
Lebedeva E.V. - The problem of religious extremism in the CIS member-states in the context of globalization pp. 9-14


Abstract: The issues of safety provision in the societies experiencing economic, social, and political reforms are still urgent nowadays. The research object of the article is extremism dynamics in the transitional societies under the conditions of globalization. The research subject includes the factors leading to extremism development. The task of the study is to detect the factors stimulating the increase of extremism and transforming its mechanisms. For this purpose the author defines the risk factors in the transitional societies and analyzes the reasons promoting extremism development under such conditions. The research methodology is based on the system approach and the comparative-historical method which allow considering the problem of religious extremism development in the CIS member-states as a set of interrelated and interdependent elements in the historical retrospective. The results of the study allow the author to conclude about the peculiarities of development of extremism in the transitional societies experiencing socio-political and economic transformations; about the impact of global processes on the evolution of extremism mechanisms; about the factors which, in terms of the lack of an adequate policy and control, can lead to the increase of threats to the national security. 
Internal threats and countermeasures
Sokolov M. - Theoretical and applicative aspects of fight against corruption: Russian and foreign experience pp. 15-26


Abstract: The author of the study considers theoretical and applicative aspects of preventing and fighting against corruption both in Russia and abroad. The research object is the system of relations between public authorities, business, and society in combating corruption. The research subject covers the processes of development and introduction of new instruments and mechanisms of preventing corruption. Special attention is paid to the experience of combating corruption in the BRICS countries, and to the issues of effective use of information and telecommunications technologies in this sphere. The research methodology is based on the analysis of international studies, and the ratings of organizations involved in the system researches of fight against corruption.  The synthesis of practices of legal regulation in this sphere, and the detection of the basic corruption origins in foreign states, the detection of the negative socio-economic, political, and ethical consequences, endangering the state’s sustainable development capacities, are the basis for the development of recommendations about forming intolerant attitude towards corruption in the society. Bearing in mind that, being an integral part of social life, corruption adapts to its development and acquires new forms, the novelty of the paper lies in studying the problem of forming a complex understanding of this phenomenon in the society, and detecting the new directions, mechanisms, and instruments of combating corruption. 
Economical support of national security
Polyakova M.R. - Facing the East: the future of electric energy export from Russia to China pp. 27-38


Abstract: The research subject is regional integration of Northeast Asian countries in the sphere of electric power industry. The author considers the case of electric energy export from Russia to china. The author presents the data describing the current situation with electric energy export, and provides for the analysis of the potential of Russian frontier regions in electric energy production and the further export it on the territory of China. Special attention is paid to the issues of energy provision of the countries participating in the process of energy integration in Northeast Asia. The study is based on the methods of comparative analysis and expert assessments, particularly, the investment prospects of the region. The author concludes that the increase of its own export potential in the sphere of electric power industry will allow Russia to strengthen the existing electric energy complex of Russian regions bordering with China, to stimulate the development of the related branches of the economy, to create new working places in the regions, to broaden the taxable base, and to transform the trade balance structure between Russia and China in the sphere of energy sources. 
Person and citizen within security systems
Soldatov S.K., Zinkin V.N., Dragan S.P. - Human biosafety under the conditions of intense low-frequency noise and the ways of its ensuring pp. 39-47


Abstract: The paper studies acoustic conditions and work environment at the workplaces of aviation specialists and heavy duty trucks drivers in order to reveal the peculiarities of joint effect of noise and infrasound with the purpose of developing the effective means, ways, and methods of protection against them. The simultaneous conditions of noise and infrasound at the specialists’ workplaces are considered in the article as a joint effect of the two harmful workplace factors worsening the working conditions and promoting the increase of chronic and work-related diseases. The research methodology combines the methods of hygienic studies, occupational medicine, evidentiary medicine, medical statistics, and medical acoustics. The authors conclude that under the conditions of a joint effect of noise and infrasound with the maximum spectrum in the sound range, the most frequent disease is the perceptive hearing loss (a work-related disease), and with the maximum spectrum in infrasound range – the nonspecific extracochlear pathology in the form of arterial hypertension (a work conditioned disease). The presence of frequencies of infra- and sound ranges in the spectrum of affecting noise, combined with their high level, should be taken into account when choosing the means and ways of personnel protection.
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