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Financing of Terrorism: Trends of the 21st century with Syrian Accent
Melkumian Kristina Slavikovna

PhD in Politics

post-graduate student of the Department of Global Political Processes at Moscow State Institute of International Relations

119454, Russia, g. Moscow, pr. Vernadskogo, 76



The subject of the study is the system of financing of terrorism in its broad context, including sources, channels and funding entities. Recognizing the financing of terrorism as an independent subject area requiring special efforts of the international community, the author pays special attention to the key trends in the financing of terrorism of the 21st century in accordance with the characteristics of the modern financial system, the introduction of technologies into the financial system, and political instability, typical for both regions of increased risk of terrorism and the world political system as a whole. Considering the financing of terrorism in integrity, the author engages a systematic approach, comparative analysis and synthesis as the main methods of research. Using a retrospective view, the author comes to the conclusion that the spectrum of sources, channels and actors involved in the financing of terrorism has expanded. Modern technologies, including social networks and new payment systems, provided a broad platform for terrorist organizations to maneuver. The author emphasizes the problem of involving professionals to financial management of terrorist organizations both in terms of increasing the profitability of terrorist assets and handling terrorist operations through financial institutions in accordance with the specifics of the current AML/CFT regime. Within the framework of the article, the analysis of the terrorism financing system is presented for the first time in connection with the current Syrian crisis, the activities of ISIL, as well as the terrorist attacks taken place in the 21st century.

Keywords: Syrian crisis, Al-Qaeda, ISIL, international standards, FATF, foreign terrorist fighters, terrorist financing, payment systems, NGO, Charley Ebdo



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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