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Questions of current interest
kozhevnikov o.a. - Disputable issues of formation of judicial practice in the field of protection of competition by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation pp. 1-8


Abstract: The research subject is the analysis of legislation interpretation by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation for the purpose of ensuring the legality regime in the Russian Federation by means of maintaining the unanimity of interpretation and application of legal provisions by courts. The author analyzes the judicial practice of the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation. The article studies the issues of correspondence of judicial practices of the Supreme and the Constitutional Courts using the example of protection of competition and antimonopoly legislation. The author applies general and special scientific research methods, including the historical-legal, the system, the comparative-legal, the statistical, the formal-logical and other methods. The author reveals disputable issues of the interpretation of judicial practice in protection of competition by the Supreme Court. The author supposes that the development and introduction of interpretations of the Supreme Court in the judicial practice should be more accurate, in order to avoid the formation of a contradictory practice by the subordinate courts ignoring legal positions of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation. 
Zolotovskaia E.A. - Life and health insurance as an element of a credit agreement: problems of law enforcement pp. 85-92


Abstract: The research subject is the problem of a borrower’s life and health insurance as a security element of a credit agreement (personal insurance contract). The author studies the effectiveness of insurance as a security measure, guaranteeing the performance of obligations by the parties to a consumer loan agreement, and analyzes the problems of application of such measures. The author analyzes the factual goals of a personal insurance contract, which don’t correspond with the goals of this type of contracts if used for the purpose of a consumer loan obtaining. The research methodology includes the analysis of law enforcement practice in the disputes over the nullification of the insurance conditions of credit agreements and the dissolution of credit agreements, based on the comparative-legal and the logical methods, analysis and synthesis. The problems under study are vivid in the law enforcement practice connected with the provision of the freedom of citizens in deciding over the conclusion of insurance contracts. The author concludes that at the present time, there’s no standardized judicial practice in this category of disputes; often courts pass contradictious judgements on alike issues. 
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