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Экологическое и земельное право
Danilova N.V., Karimova S.A. - On the concept of environmental damage pp. 72-77


Abstract: The research subject is the definition and the essence of environmental damage. The authors note significant contradictions of judicial law enforcement practice in interpreting the essence of this type of damage and the methods of proving it. The analysis of court decisions on this category of cases shows that courts give ambiguous estimation of facts of environmental standards exceedance, and by no means always accept them as evidences of environmental damage. In the authors’ opinion, the reason of such state of things roots in the contradictions of the fundamental Federal Law “On environmental protection”. The authors use both general scientific and specific research methods: dialectical, formal-logical, formal-legal. The authors conclude that to eliminate such two-fold interpretation of this problem, it is necessary to specify the legal definition of “environmental damage”, by linking it to environmental standards. Such consequences as degradation of eco-systems and natural resources depletion should be, on the contrary, excluded from the definition, since they don’t meet the requirements of legal certainty of the norm and can’t be verified. Based on this fact, the authors propose their own formulation of the definition of environmental damage. 
Kurbanov R.A. - Legal regulation in the sphere of renewable sources of energy and environmental protection (Mexico). pp. 92-106


Abstract: The article concerns the issues of legal regulation in the sphere of renewable sources of energy and environmental protection in Mexico.  This is a topical issue for Mexico as well as for the other states, as are currently the issues of the subsoil mineral resources and, more specifically, energy carriers, as well as the issues of environmental protection. The analysis of Mexican legislation in this sphere allows one to say that the energy policy of Mexico is aimed at improvement of the energy efficiency and energy saving, development of the renewable sources of energy. However, the measures aimed at achieving compliance with the environmental legislation were taken only in the middle of 1990s, which was due to Mexico joining the NAFTA.  A number of measures in the sphere of regulating water, soil and air pollution was taken by the Mexican legislator after the Kyoto Protocol was signed. Starting from the second half of the 1990s the measures were taken in order to form the special legal basis in the sphere of environmental protection, and special institutional bodies were established.  The further improvement of the Mexican environmental legislation in this sphere depends upon the tempo and level of the integration processes between Mexico and the North American states.
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