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Legal Studies

On the issue of improving the legislation regulating the bankruptcy procedure of legal entities

Sabanina Natal'ya Olegovna

PhD in History

Docent, the department of Theory and History of State and Law, International Innovation University

301650, Russia, Tul'skaya oblast', g. Novomoskovsk, ul. Berezhnogo, 12

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Ermakov Dmitrii Sergeevich

Doctor of Pedagogy

Professor of the Department of Legal Disciplines of the International Innovation University

301650, Russia, Tul'skaya oblast', g. Novomoskovsk, ul. Berezhnogo, 12, of. 207

Popov Sergei Anatol'evich

PhD in Technical Science

Associate Professor, Department of Legal Disciplines, International Innovation University

301650, Russia, Tul'skaya oblast', g. Novomoskovsk, ul. Berezhnogo, 12, of. 107






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Abstract: In the conditions of the observed economic turbulence caused, among other things, by coronavirus restrictions, there is an increase in cases of insolvency of economic entities. In addition, the legal landscape of bankruptcy of legal entities has undergone major changes. Confirmation of this provision is the fact that it is currently planned to introduce significant changes to federal legislation, the understanding of which actualizes the presented research topic. The object of the study is regulated by the norms of civil, arbitration procedural law, bankruptcy legislation, public relations that develop within the framework of the bankruptcy procedure of legal entities. The subject of the study is the theoretical and practical problems of the institute of insolvency (bankruptcy) of legal entities. The authors consider in detail such aspects of the topic as the problems faced by legal entities during the pandemic and their impact on the specifics of the bankruptcy procedure; doctrinal and legislative aspects of the etymological features of the categories "insolvency" and "bankruptcy", "signs of bankruptcy" and "criteria of bankruptcy"; issues related to the implementation of interim measures of the parties during the bankruptcy procedure, etc. Particular attention is paid to the analysis of the changes that the legislator plans to make to the law "On Insolvency (Bankruptcy)". The main conclusions of the study can be called the need for further elaboration by the lawmaker of the planned changes in bankruptcy legislation. The novelty of the results obtained is determined by the analysis of legislation and law enforcement practice in relation to the institution of bankruptcy in order to further develop recommendations on the application, interpretation and amendment of the relevant provisions of bankruptcy legislation.


legal entity, bankruptcy, insolvency, changes, rulemaking, right, legislator, debtor, lender, arbitration

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