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Legal Studies

National approaches towards implementation of artificial intelligence: SingaporeТs experience

Gorian Ella

PhD in Law

Docent, Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service

690014, Russia, Primorskii krai, g. Vladivostok, ul. Gogolya, 41, kab. 5502

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The object of this research is the relations in the area of implementation of artificial intelligence technologies. The subject of this research is the normative documents of Singapore that establish requirements towards development and application of artificial intelligence technologies. The article determines the peculiarities of Singaporean approach towards regulation of relations in the indicated sphere. Characteristic is given to the national initiative and circle of actors involved in the development and realization of normative provisions with regards to implementation of digital technologies. The author explores the aspects of private public partnership, defines the role of government in regulation of relation, as well as gives special attention to the question of ensuring personal data protection used by the artificial intelligence technologies. Positive practices that can be utilized in Russian strategy for the development of artificial intelligence are described. Singapore applies the self-regulation approach towards the processes of implementation of artificial intelligence technologies, defining the backbone role of the government, establishing common goals, and involving representative of private sector and general public. Moreover, the government acts as the guarantor of meeting the interests of private sector by creating an attractive investment regime and citizens, setting strict requirements with regards to data usage and control over the artificial intelligence technologies. A distinguishing feature of Singaporean approach consists in determination of the priority sectors of economy and instruments of ensuring systematicity in implementation of artificial intelligence. Singapore efficiently uses its demographic and economic peculiarities for proliferation of the technologies of artificial intelligence in Asian Region; the developed and successfully tested on the national level model of artificial intelligence management received worldwide recognition and application. Turning Singapore into the international center of artificial intelligence is also instigated by the improvement of legal regime with simultaneous facilitation in the sphere of intellectual property. These specificities should be taken into account by the Russian authors of national strategy for the development of artificial intelligence.

Keywords: legal regime, national policy, intellectual property, personal data, public-private partnership, Singapore, digital technologies, artificial intelligence, investment regime, risk management
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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