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Legal Studies

'Foreign Investments', 'Investor', 'Investment Activity', 'Forms of Business Entities' and the Main Terms of Admittance of Foreign Investments in the PRC Economy Based on the New Law On Foreign Investments of 2019
Belikova Ksenia Mikhailovna

Doctor of Law

Professor, the department of Civil Law and Procedure and International Private Law, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

117198, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Miklukho-Maklaya, 6, of. 359

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The matter under research is the definitions of investor, investment and form of business entity and terms of admittance of foreign investments in the PRC economy based on the new Law on Foreign Investments of 2019. The researcher has carried out the legal analysis of the Law of 2019 in terms of investment activity. Special attention is paid to the legal regime of investments and investors in terms of nwe provisions set forth by the Law compared to the provisions of earlier effective Laws on Joint Ventures with Chinese and Foreign Capital of 1979, Joint Enterprises with Chinese and Foreign Capital of 1988 and On Enterprises with Foreign Capital of 1986. In the course of her research Belikova has applied such research methods as general dialectical, historical, comparative law analysis. The author bases her research on the idea of subjective-objective predetermination of processes and phenomena. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the researcher analyzes the provisions of a new and long-awaited legal investment act in China. The researcher introduces materials, data and information that have never been mentioned in the Russian academic literature before. As a result of the research, the author concludes that China keeps on developing the investment law and approaches to investment activity. The reform that had been so much awaited for finally happened and time will show what practical results the reform will have for business entities and China's economic environment. 

Keywords: partnerships, companies, foreign-invested enterprise, foreign investor, new law, foreign investments, China, LLC, JSLC, LLP



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

Belikova K.M., Akhmadova M.A. Paevye i kooperatsionnye sovmestnye predpriyatiya v Kitae kak forma realizatsii investitsionnoi deyatel'nosti: sravnitel'nyi pravovoi analiz. // Yuridicheskie issle-dovaniya. – 2018.-№ 8.-S. 17-30. DOI: 10.25136/2409-7136.2018.8.27102 http://e-notabene.ru/lr/article_27102.html (data obrashcheniya: 16.08.2018)
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