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Legal Studies

Notes on the margins of the monograph "The agencie of special justice in the USSR in the 1930s-1950s"

Abdulin Robert Semenovich

associate professor of the Department of Criminal Law and Process at Kurgan State University, resigned judge of the Kurgan Regional Court, honored lawer of the Russian Federation. 

640000, Russia, Kurganskaya oblast', g. Kurgan, ul. Pushkina, 187

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Abstract: The author considers the inaccuracies and mistakes made by the authors of the multi-authored monograph in legal terminology. In the author’s opinion, it is necessary for legal terminology to accurately reflect not only the realia of the studied historical period, but also the legislative and other legal instruments of that period. It is necessary to be scientifically correct, evaluating the scientific works, reports and statements of practitioners. And certainly, subjectivism and prejudgment are absolutely unacceptable in a work, aspiring to be a scientific one. The author applies general scientific and special research methods including analysis and synthesis, abstraction, the system-structural, historical and genetic, comparative-legal, topological and other methods of analysis. The author uses the dialectical method of cognition which is the methodological base of the study. The author concludes that it is impossible to study any sphere, including jurisprudence, without a good command of a special vocabulary. Even the rapid development of science and the appearance of new terms doesn’t excuse change and substitution of the existing system of legal terms, causing problems of their interpretation. 

Keywords: Communist party, Constitution, Ministry, people's Commissariat, notion, bodies, court, justice, terminology, Prosecutor's office
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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