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Legal Studies

Is the present system of procurement centralization rational?

Zolotareva Anna Borisovna

PhD in Law

Russian Academy of National Economy and Civil Services, head of the laboratory for legal expertise

room 548a, 3-5, Gazetny Lane, Moscow, Russia, 125993

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Abstract: As compared with the previous legislation, the Federal law "On the contract system in procurement of goods, works, and services for the state and municipal needs" expands the regulation of procurement centralization. Russia's regions and municipalities retain the freedom of choice of the model of centralization: from preserving customers' authorities to select the supplier, to delegating all such authorities to the special government body; with regard to state agencies, the centralization of other procurement functions is allowed. The article contains the analysis of models of centralization, applied in Russian regions, and their comparison with the approaches to the centralization of procurement in the developed countries. The author applies traditional legal methods of comparative legal analysis and the systems analysis. In the result of the analysis, the author comes to the conclusion that the existing degree of procurement centralization is excessive and inefficient, and proposes the improvement of legislation on centralization for solving the revealed problems. 

Keywords: state procurements, budget purchases, centralization of procurement, procurement rationing, contract system, Law 44-FZ, municipal procurement, procurement, centralization of public procurement, regulation of public procurement
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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Poyasnitel'naya zapiska k proektu Federal'nogo zakona «O kontraktnoi sisteme v sfere zakupok tovarov, rabot, uslug dlya obespecheniya gosudarstvennykh i munitsipal'nykh nuzhd» // http://asozd2.duma.gov.ru
Postanovlenie Pravitel'stva RF ot 02.09.2015 N 926 "Ob utverzhdenii Obshchikh pravil opredeleniya trebovanii k zakupaemym zakazchikami otdel'nym vidam tovarov, rabot, uslug (v tom chisle predel'nykh tsen tovarov, rabot, uslug)"
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