Статья 'Судопроизводство и альтернативные процедуры урегулирования споров в зарубежных странах. Рецензия на книгу: Судебное разбирательство и разрешение споров / Под ред. М. Мэддена. – Лондон: Глобал лигал групп, 2013. – 2-е изд. – 288 с.' - журнал 'Юридические исследования' - NotaBene.ru
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Legal Studies

Litigation and alternative dispute resolution procedures in foreign countries. Book review: Litigation and dispute resolution / Ed. by M. Madden. – L.: Global legal group, 2013. – 2nd ed. – 288 p.

Nagornaya Irina

PhD in Law

Scientific Associate, Institute of Scientific Data on Social Sciences; Senior Educator, the department of Criminal Law and Criminalistics, National Research University "Higher School of Economics"

101000, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Myasnitskaya, 20

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Abstract: The subject of consideration is the monograph written by an international team of authors and dedicated to the judiciary of different countries and alternative dispute resolution procedures. Particular attention is paid to the mediation procedure. The regulatory framework and various projects are analyzed, in particular the projects related to the implementation of international obligations, including Directive 2013/11/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013 on alternative dispute resolution for consumer disputes. The summary procedure and writ proceedings are considered. The most interesting issues are the improvement of dispute resolution and confidentiality of the mediation procedure. Each country is described in a separate chapter of the book, which has a clear structure and considers information disclosure, legal fees, etc. The alternative dispute resolution procedures are supplement to the judicial process and help to reduce the costs of the parties and the period of resolving the cases. That's why the appropriate projects gain the state support.

Keywords: Bulgaria, Austria, mediation, efficiency, dispute resolution, judicial system, court proceedings, Belgium, England and Wales, Portugal
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

Litigation and dispute resolution / Ed. by M. Madden. – L.: Global legal group, 2013. – 2nd ed. – 288
Приженникова А.Н. Альтернативные способы разрешения споров: актуальные вопросы. // Юридические исследования. - 2013. - 12. - C. 1 - 10. DOI: 10.7256/2409-7136.2013.12.10280. URL: http://www.e-notabene.ru/lr/article_10280.html
Решетняк В.И. Зарубежный опыт использования информационных технологий для организации деятельности судов // Журнал зарубежного законодательства и сравнительного правоведения / Journal of foreighn legislation and comparative law. - 2013. - 2. - C. 298 - 303.
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