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Legal Studies

Russia and international law: collisions and perspectives

Eseva Elena Yur'evna

individual enterpreneur.

665719, Russia, Irkutska oblast', g. Bratsk, ul. Sovetskaya, 32, of. 1

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The article is devoted to consideration of the Russian legislation in the sphere of employment law of foreign nationals. The research is carried out on the example of a foreign national who has an international driving license issued by a foreign state and a profession of a driver, and tries to get a job of a driver in the Russian Federation. The article analyzes the existing regulations of the Russian labor and administrative law in this sphere in the context of their correlation with the regulations of international law, which had been ratified by the Russian Federation. The author uses the general scientific methods of cognition, such as the comparative method, the historical method, analysis and synthesis. The author reveals discrepancy between the regulations of the Russian law and the regulations of international law. In the conclusion the author offers two ways of solution of this problem: either bringing of the Russian legislation to conformity with the international one, or the Vienna Convention “On Road Traffic” denunciation. 

Keywords: international law, national legislation, international license , supremacy of international law, discrimination, employment law, commercial traffic, responsibility, freedom of labour, violation of rights
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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