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Legal Studies

Not Securing the Right to Internal Security of the Public as an Offence

Trofimova Galina Anatol'evna

Expert, Scientific Research Association "Legal Initiative"

664074 Russia, Irkutsk Oblast, Lermontova Street 8-1

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Abstract: The state as a system of social organization is supposed to perform a number of inherent functions which correspond to its goals and objectives. One of the most important task is the protection of its own citizens from the encroachments of various persons violating the general law and order. It is the degree to which the state secures this right to security that the possibility of implementing the constitutional rights and freedoms in its territory largely depends on. However, experience shows that the public is not in sufficient internal security, therefore, not every measure required to procure it has been taken as of today. What these measures are and how they are related to the legislative activities of the state was what the author of this article was attempting to determine.
In doing this, the following general scientific and special research methods were used: analysis, synthesis, modeling, formal logic and grammatical, historical methods. As a result of this research, it was established that the state does not secure the right of the public to security in full, either though the country’s parliament or through its executive or judicial authorities. In view of the above, the author believes that it is necessary to admit that the legal relationship with respect to the implementation by the state of such function as the citizen’s internal security is distorted, meaning that it is in the situation of a constitutional offence which must be, undoubtedly, remedied promptly.

Keywords: security of citizens, functions of state, duties of parliament, guaranteed nature of rights, protection of citizens, protection from criminals, internal security of state, constitutional responsibility, constitutional offence, responsibility of judges
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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