Статья 'Проблемы проведения антикоррупционной экспертизы нормативных правовых актов и их проектов в современной России' - журнал 'Юридические исследования' - NotaBene.ru
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Legal Studies

Problems of Carrying Out Anti-corruption Review of Rules and Regulations and Drafts Thereof in Modern Russia

Mamitova Nataliya Viktorovna

Doctor of Law

professor and head of the Department of Branches of State Law at Institute of Management, Business and Law

344068 Rostov-on-Don, pr. M. Nagibina 33а/47

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Abstract: This article considers the theoretical issues of organizing and carrying out anti-corruption expert review, it analyzes the practice of such review and gives practical recommendations related to arranging and carrying out anti-corruption review of rules and regulations and drafts of such rules and regulations. It also considers the key types of anti-corruption review, points out the problems which expert faces when conducing such review. The article notes that in order to overcome various negative phenomena in the law-making process in the Russian Federation, the institute of legal review of Russian laws was established to create effective barriers to corruption phenomena in power and other negative trends interfering with the effective law-making process. Methodologically, the article is based both on the general and special methods: historical, dialectical, systematic, comparative legal, hermeneutics, analysis, synthesis and a number of other research methods and approaches. The scientific novelty of this article is in the fact that the author does not just analyze the problems associated with the anti-corruption expert review  in the Russian society but also suggests ways of solving them which may improve the efficiency of such anti-corruption review. Implementing such suggestions will result in better effectiveness in implementing the National Anti-corruption Strategy, boost the research into this subject and draw the public attention to the questions raised in the article.

Keywords: expert review, corruption, legislation, statutory and regulatory enactment, combat, anti-corruption, policy, law, society, state
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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