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Legal Studies

Current Problems of Agreement-Based Regulation of Legal Relationship with Consumers

Bogdan Varvara Vladimirovna

Doctor of Law

Docent, the department of Civil Law, Southwest State University

305040, Russia, Kurskaya oblast', g. Kursk, ul. 50 Let Oktyabrya, 94, of. 535

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Abstract: Currently, agreement-based regulation of relationships with consumers cases in practice significant difficulties which are expressed in the growing number of legal cases of this category. Such problems are due to the practice of including in the contracts of bad-faith provisions by the consumers’ counterparties. In this article, the author considers this problem, for the ultimate purpose of solving the question of effectiveness of agreement-based regulation, through the lens of Article 16 of the Law of the Russian Federation “On Protection of Consumers' Rights”.  It examines the possibility for the consumers to challenge in court certain provisions of contracts which infringe their rights. In this article, the author uses the methods of analysis, abstraction and specification, as a result of their application the author defined the conditions for effective agreement-based regulation of relationship with consumers. The scientific novelty of this work lies in the fact that this is one of the first works in which an attempt is made to substantiate the insignificant role of the contract as a regulator of relationships with consumers. During this research, the author draws the conclusions that the analysis and successions offered in this article may be used in further work aimed to improve the laws on the protection of consumers’ rights.

Keywords: responsibility, entreprenuer, legal practitioner, regulation, contract, Russian Federation, protection of rights, consumer, law, bad-faith terms
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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