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Legal Studies

Efficiency of the norms of election law: definition, criteria and implementation conditions.

Makartsev Andrei Alekseevich

PhD in Law

Associate Professor, Department of Constitutional and International Law of the Siberian University of Customer Cooperation

630073, Russia, g. Novosibirsk, ul. Permitina, 18, kv. 23






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Abstract: The object of studies involves defining the criteria for efficiency of the norms of election law, which is established by correlation between the goal, which was set at the adoption of the norm and the results of its practical implementation. This issue is being studied based upon the regional election legislation and judicial practice concerning election issues. The author considers that the law-making stage, when the goal of the legal norm and purpose of legal regulation are defined is a key to guaranteeing efficiency. At the same time establishing the goal is an initial stage of law-making, when there is a need to adopt a certain normative legal act. The author notes that sometimes the legislator purposefully hides the goals for which a certain normative act is adopted, if such goals contradict to the interests of majority of the population. The reasons for the disparities between the results of application of a norm and the goal, which was set, when the norm was adopted, may be various. They may involve contents of a legal norm, conditions of its adoption and application, subjectively incorrect evaluation of the norm by the legal practitioners. The process of analysis of efficiency problems regarding legal norms is furthermore complicated , since currently the legal practices faces the "crisis of goals", leading to the "crisis of purposes", and sometimes to their conflict, when the initial goals of legal act contradict each other.  Provision for the main goal of adoption of legal acts in such acts shall allow the legal practitioners to understand the goal of legal regulation correctly, and it may also serve as a basis for interpretation of normative provisions, allowing to avoid abuse of rights.
be � p��4 �+ n the process of describing the stages of experimental law-making process, using the law-making experiment in Kemerovo region as an example.   Among the special legal cognition methods applied in this article one should mention formal legal, structural functional methods, and the method of legal interpretation. There exist certain directions of legal process, and their specific features were not yet studied in Russia. Specifically, these involve experimental law-making process. Experimental law-making process is a complicated and comprehensive term by its nature. The question of legal nature of experimental law-making process is debatable, since the legal nature of legal process is ambiguous, and experimental law-making process is a type of legal process. Experimental law-making process is a procedural form of turning legal ideal models of law-making experiment into the real system of legal relations united by a common goal. In the broadest sense experimental law-making process is a complex and multi-aspect term characterizing the combination of all of the legal forms of activities of state bodies and other competent subjects, which is related to taking certain legally valuable actions in the sphere of law-making experiments  within a procedure defined by law. In the end, it causes legal consequence - the legal hypothesis is verified.  In its narrow sense, experimental law-making process is a generalizing term characterizing duly legally regulated procedure for experimental activities, as well as the activities of bodies (services, officials) on preparing, holding and analyzing the results of law-making experiment. The main stages of experimental law-making experiment are 1) preparation for the law-making experiment, 2) holding law-making experiment; 3) analyzing results of the law-making experiment.

Keywords: election law, norms of election law, target-setting for norms of law, efficiency of norms of law, law-making, legislative process, constituent subjects of the Russian Federation, law, elections, parliament
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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