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Contents of Issue № 01/2018
Automated systems of engineering process administration
Demichev M.S., Gaipov K.E., Korolev E.M., Demicheva A.A., Narozhnyi A.I. - Formation of the radio network topology with placement of mobile radio stations while minimizing the radiation power of radio signals pp. 1-14


Abstract: The subject of the study is the formation of a radio network topology with placement of mobile radio stations, in which the total radiated signal power for radio stations will be minimized. The radiation power of signals for all radio stations and the coordinates for mobile radios are determined in the article, it is also assumed that the transmitting antennas of all radio stations have a circular pattern. To solve this problem, a mathematical model is constructed that has a number of assumptions that imply ideal conditions for the propagation of radio waves, as well as the location of radio stations in a Cartesian coordinate system. The development of the algorithm was carried out by an experimental-theoretical method, based on known facts of radio transmission and a mathematical solution of the Steiner problem for four and five vertices. The novelty of the study is the developed algorithm for determining the coordinates of mobile radio stations, as well as the radiation power of signals for stationary and mobile radios with a circular pattern of directionality. The result of the algorithm works is to determine the topology of the network and the range of operation of each radio station, which consumes the lowest radiation power of the transmitting antennas of radio stations.
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