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This issue is currently being formed. All articles presented on this page have already been included in this issue, are considered published, and will remain unchanged in the final version of the issue along with other metadata of the articles.
Contents of Issue № 06/2016
Forms and methods of information security administration
Borodin A.V. - The linear congruent sequences of the maximum period in programs obfuscation pp. 1-19


Abstract: The article is devoted to development of the system of practical methods of protection of software against refactoring for purpose of lowering probability of infringement copyright for used algorithms. As the basic method of protection offered approach, which feature is use of the linear congruent sequences as bases for morphism of an order of layout operators of programming language to the execution order of the program, required by functionality. The specific technology of an obfuscation programs written in scripting languages, in particular on Microsoft Visual Basic, is offered. Also the notation of formal understanding of a level resistance of the considered system of methods is discussed. For the formal description of concept of an obfuscation programs and a level resistance of an obfuscation used the set-theoretic formalism. Several results of the number theory is used in article for reasons for existence of the solution of the task obfuscation in the offered setting for any program. The main result of article is new practical approach to an obfuscation programs, written in scripting languages, which can be to a certain extent generalized on language systems of other nature. Also in article the paradoxical result is shown - the obfuscation code can correspond completely to a paradigm of structured programming when saving the declared level of resistance to refactoring.
Computer graphics, image processing and pattern recognition
Urzhumov D.V., Krevetskii A.V. - pp. 20-29


Krevetskii A.V., Chesnokov S.E. - Recognition partially masked group point objects by most similar local description of their form pp. 30-37


Forms and methods of information security administration
Kovaleva A.A., Zakirov V.I., Turbov A.Yu., Tret'yakov A.S., Ponomarev D.Yu. - pp. 38-46


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